Top 8 Blue Voyage Routes in Turkey

Voyage Route

Turkey is a country with a population exceeding over 80 million people. It has unlimited options for healthy entertainment. That’s the reason Turkey has got the status of 6th most visited destination of the world in 2020. From historical sites to worship places, rich Turkish cuisine to Grand bazaar, Turkey offers great sea luxuries to the tourists!

How about staying in a 5-star luxurious hotel but wait it’s not a typical hotel. It’s moving slowly with the sea waves. At one moment you are near to sand, next you are viewing a historical place. The journey doesn’t end here. There is delicious Turkish food on the go with live traditional music in the background for you. 

Turkey’s location matters a lot. On it’s north it connects with Black Sea, On it’s south Mediterranean Sea lies. While the west has the Aegean Sea. Due to this, the Blue Voyage route is very popular. The Ministry of Turkey has focussed a lot on tourism. They have introduced Gulets cruise. Which are the luxurious source of entertainment and known for best sea holidays activities!

Bodrum Blue Voyage Route

Bodrum is the perfect holiday spot for travelers. Once you experience coastal life here, you will forever remember Turkish hospitality. You can stay at a boutique hotel or get the surreal sea feels. 

Bodrum has the major attraction of an underwater museum known as the ”Museum of Underwater Archaeology. ’’

From here the next sailing city is Knidos. This city dates back to historical sites belonging to 5000 years BC. There are plenty of must-visit places here. After Knidos Datca comes. A dreamland for fishers. Here you can show your fishing skills. There are many restaurants offering mouthwatering Turkish cuisines.

If you are into watersports then, the next destination Gulf of Hisaronu is the thing you can’t afford to miss. Take part in sports or see the amazing scenes of young ones playing to the fullest. Try out some local street food.


According to the locals, Fethiye has the most important Blue Voyage route. It’s all because of the fact that it has been blessed with stunning scenery. Surrounded by pine trees and clean water, makes this route a piece of Heaven on Earth!

There are many cruising companies available here. You can get the best rates. There are ranges of economical to luxurious trips. These cruises offer 3-5 days tours. During which nearby islands are visited. In the meantime, you can utilize time by swimming or rocking on the music. Noone is going to stop you here.

Fethiye offers multiple activities for visitors. They can arrange camping on the sites. You can enjoy stargazing on some calm night. Or you can explore the jungle with the tour guide. Meet some unknown species and fall in love with the waterfalls and find some unexplored caves.

Marmaris Blue Voyage Route

The largest known yachting region of Turkey, Marmaris is the most favorite tourist spot of visitors. Not only it’s water clear like a crystal but the surrounding beauty is magical. This place is very economical during off days but becomes extremely expensive during holidays or festive seasons. 

There is another option of wooden huts too which is pocket friendly. The nightlife is young and crazy. Restaurants here are known to make mouthwatering Turkish food.

The route starts from Marmaris Castle and next comes Gulf of Ekinick. The beach is calm and lovely for cozy people. Passing on Tersane Island comes. This area shows hills and mesmerizing greenery.


The most photographed beach, Oludeniz has matchless beauty. This picturesque route has many activities for thrilling tourists. Even if you are a person who loves to sit in the sun and get tanned, this place is surely for you. See the beachy waves coming towards you and the soothing sound of water splash is beyond explaining. 

Another fun activity is paragliding. Which requires pre-booking as it’s own everybody’s bucket list. Start from Babadag mountain and experience bird view at 200 m. You will fly over Olu Deniz and Blue Lagoon. Another option is hiking. In this way, you can connect more with nature! Whether you wanna relax or jump to swim, or even explore new hiking routes, there are a number of options. 

Gocek Blue Voyage Route

Gocek is a small town but famous due to the fact that mostly yachts anchor here. This land is famous for nature’s beauty. This place has an old market by the name of Turgut Ozal Street. Which is a must-go place if you are a fan of Turkish souvenirs. Here you can get your hands on traditional Turkish ceramics, jewelry masterpieces, and antique items to decorate corners of your home. There is a long list of restaurants along with the town. Amazing food with a continental menu will surprise you!

This route is recently getting the eyes of tourists. The Ministry of Tourism is now expanding a lot here to attract more people. This area is known as 12 Islands. Even if you have more than a week, you can explore much. The airport is 3o mins away. So, it’s your choice to use any mode of transport and see the unseen area of Turkey.

Antalya Region

Antalya is a region known due to its history and the close relationship of different religions with it. There is harmony among nature, the warmness of the sun, the calmness of the sea, and rich history here.

Antalya remains fully booked throughout the year. So, book your trip carefully by keeping in mind the crazy crowded all-time present there. 

Historical Mosque Yivli Minare, Dudan waterfall, and the pleasant weather here will always make this sea best for holiday choice. 

Once you visit this place, you will come again!

DATCA Blue Voyage Route

Datca was discovered in the 7th century BC. This Island is eco-free. It has no pollutants in the form of plastic. Air is fresh and makes the atmosphere survive for living organisms. According to historians, once Hansen’s disease was spread in a town. So the people migrated to Datca as the water here has healing power. The clean water acted as a miracle for them.

This location is ideal for tourists. The greenery, rushing water, and big coves are magical. When you cruise along the Datca, the scenery is priceless. That’s why it’s a known Turkish cruise route.


This island is on the name of a famous Egyptian beauty Queen Cleopatra. Don’t get disappointed by its small size. It’s much more than one imagines. The city has historic walls with ancient languages carved in the bricks. There is a temple hitting back to Dorian’s region which is now a church. 

If you are into historical sites, visit the amphitheater. A unique big capacity theater with 1500 seating capacity. Take a tour of the old streets. You will be astonished to see wrecks of pillars. 

This island is also renowned due to the sand quality. It is said that a king found this precious sand and gifted it to the queen. Wao! What a royal gift.

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