Pakistan Welcomes ‘’Engin Altan’’ Lead Actor Dirilis Ertugrul

Engin Altan

Engin Altan, the leading character of the epic historical drama series Dirilis Ertugrul, has finally arrived in Lahore, Pakistan today. He was invited by the owner of Chaudhary Group of Industries Mian Kashif Zameer. 

Recently, Mian Kashif met Engin Altan on his visit to Turkey. He was very enthusiastic to meet the Turkish actor and expressed how much the people of Pakistan loved the Diliris Ertugrul series. He signed Engin Altan as the brand ambassador to his private business company. At that time, Engin Altan promised to visit Pakistan soon and gifted him his three Kayi rings which he wore in the Dirilis Ertugrul series. 

Today, Engin Altan fulfilled his promise to visit Pakistan. He is here for a short time. Fans all over the country are very excited to hear the news of his arrival which is sure to strengthen healthy relations among Pakistan and Turkey. Join us in welcoming him, and we hope you are just as excited as we are!

Stay tuned to know more about Engin Altan and his visit to Pakistan!