5 Best Turkey Drinks To try In 2021

Best Turkey Drinks

Turkey is an amazing destination for travel lovers. It is adorned with natural beauty and wonders that attract people from all over the world. From its traditions and culture to modern life, Turkey has become a dream place to spend vacations. Along with Turkish food, people are giving the same importance to Turkish soft drinks. The Turkish cafes offer a variety of beverages that give you the ultimate peace in all weathers. Even the local cafes and restaurants will make you in love with their special drinks to quench your thirst and desire.

Below are five Turkey drinks that you should try on your visit to Turkey in 2021.

Turkish Tea

Tea is the most popular hot drink in Turkey. It is consumed in large qualities all across the globe. No matter if it is summer or winter, tea has a special time for its lovers and you can have it anytime in the day. Caykur is a national tea company with its base in Rize. It produces tons of tea in a month. Tea also comes up with different flavors in Turkey. For instance, apple tea is the one, but it is not mostly liked by everyone. The standard tea or black tea of more famous is available to you in the local street food stalls and cafes in the streets of Turkey.

Turkish Coffee

If we talk about the traditional Turkish drink, coffee will be on the top. We have seen pictures and videos of special coffee presentations and procedures in Turkey. Turkish coffee delivers the ultimate taste of pure coffee. The aroma is something that you will never forget. The thick and black texture of coffee is made through the special technique of Turkish restaurants. One special Turkish coffee is Dibek. Its concentration is low. It has a different taste due to the different brewing process it goes through. The seeds are also made in different ways. If you love to take sweet coffee with a light texture, Dibek is for you.

Another special coffee is Menengiç. It is made from mulberry bushes. You can easily find this drink in the local cafes and restaurants in Turkey. Like other coffees, Menengiç does not contain caffeine and its grains are also different as compared to other coffee beans. Another local coffee is Manganese, but it might not be very easy to find it in Turkey.

Şalgam Suyu 

It is a pickled turnip juice made up of dark turnips, Shira, and violet carrots. It is a healthy drink that is served cold along with the pickles. It is popular in the South Central region of Turkey where people mix turnips with salt and water to make pickles. People with strict diet plans regularly drink Salgam Suyu. The color of the drink is purple and it is served as fresh juice in Turkey to accompany the heavy dishes.  


Boza is a fermented Turkey day drink with a smoothie-like texture. It is made from yeast and cracked wheat. The tangy and sweet taste of the drink makes everyone addicted to it. It is the drink of Turkish winters that most people like to have Boza pops. The drink is different in its recipe. It is made up of barley, corn, rice, and wheat. It is tasty yet a healthy drink that gives you enough minerals with high potassium. The drink reduces your blood pressure to normal. It is a warm drink that is usually served with roasted chickpeas. You can easily find this drink in Turkey by the vendors calling it in loud voices. 


It is one of the Turkish alcoholic drinks and similar to Ouzo. It is also the national drink of Turkey. The drink has traits of its Greek version and yes it is not anything to surprise and both Turkey and Greece coincide with their traditions to some extent. This Istanbul drink is made from grapes and raisins. You can make Turkish Raki at home. It is one of the best-selling Turkish alcoholic products. It is served with some water and ice. It is mixed with some ice and water to give it a smooth texture with the milk-looking drink.

The people in the coastal areas of Turkey used to drink Raki with their traditional meals that could be sometimes mezze or the Turkish kebabs. Most of the time, the drink is also taken with the seafood as it is also one of the Turkish hill drinks. The nightlife in Turkey is incomplete without Raki, as people like to have it at parties.