Guide to Biking in Turkey

Biking in Turkey

Turkey is the best destination if biking is your main interest. A country is known for its historic buildings, beautiful culture and friendly people is much more than just these things. Turkey is much economical as compared to other holiday destinations. It has many cheap alternatives for adventure seekers.

If you don’t want to use other ways of local transport, biking in Turkey is the best option. Be your own boss and wander in the streets with the ways taking you to unknown exploration. 

Is it Necessary to be Pro for Biking in Turkey?

We don’t want to discourage you. But if it’s your first solo biking tour, don’t plan it in Turkey. The reason is you will not have a 24/7 functional navigation system. Internet facility is also not upto the mark. You will be needed to bring maps with you.

Another reason is language barrier. Although Turks are the most hospitable people, they speak Turkish. Which foreigners can’t understand. Similarly, they can’t understand English. So, they won’t be of any help.

You should know your vehicle. There are no service shops always available in Turkey for your help. Be ready to face anything. Be master of your vehicle before going on a challenging adventure, check each and everything of your bicycle. 

It’s always better to join groups when you are not a pro for longer routes. In a team , you can help each other and explore more!

Which Weather is Best for Biking in Turkey?

The diversity in the landscape of Turkey makes it on the top of bucket list of many travelers. Whenever you plan your holidays in Turkey, always remember to check weather conditions before. Because we don’t want to ruin your dreamy holidays. 

Turkey enjoys all four seasons. They have the hottest summer, a snowy covered wonderland in winters and cheerful spring and the season of fallen leaves, Autumn as well. 

Spring weather welcomes most bikers in Turkey. It’s the best time to explore hidden gems by biking from one corner to another. Temperature stays between 25-30 degree maximum. Which is pleasant weather for biking. However, it rains once or twice over the week.

Winter makes Turkey into a dream fairyland. You will find snow blankets everywhere when it’s a severe cold day.

Summers are cheerful in the beginning months. But as the temperature rises and crosses 30 degrees. It becomes difficult for bikers to bear such hot weather. 

It’s a big no to plan a biking tour in Turkey during the harsh weather in the end of July and August. The temperature hits 45 degrees making it unbearable for biking. 

Some Tips for Making Biking Experience Memorable

  • It’s always better to prepare your documents before visiting a country. Even for a biking tour, you are required to get a tourist visa. Now, tourist visas can be issued electronically. The duration allowed by the government for tourists is 90 days. 
  • It is a request to cooperate with the local communities. People live near the roads. Always slow down your speed when crossing small villages. There you will see kids playing unknowingly on the road sides. 
  • During a biking tour in Turkey, you have to share roads with animals, particularly sheeps, goats and cows. Enjoy the best time of your life with nature!
  • Turkish people are very humble. They will warmly welcome you in their houses. They will serve you home cooked Turkish Cuisine and their national drink. Show respect to them and spend a few moments with them.
  • When you find a service station, check your vehicle. It’s always better to rest your vehicle and observe whether tyre’s condition is fine or needs replacement. Mostly, thick tyres are advisable for biking tours in Turkey. 
  • The main bonus tip is to  never underestimate the value of drinking water during biking. It will boost your stamina and protect you from dehydration.