5 Cappadocia Luxurious Cave Hotels

Cappadocia Luxurious Cave Hotels Visit

Cappadocia, also known as Kapadokya, is the center of attraction to many travelers. It’s located in Central Anatolia. Area wise, it’s a small region but holds the value of a dreamy destination. This is one of the places in the world that proves nature is the greatest artist. There are naturally formed cone-shaped chimneys and unique landscapes that make this Cappadocia heaven on earth. Earlier, these caves were homes to Christians who built their Churches and places of worship inside these caves. Now, there are developed hotels and sightseeing hot spots. Even the Turkish government is very active in promoting initiatives to preserve local art and culture. This brings us to the Cappadocia cave hotels that are worth witnessing. In today’s post, we are listing down the top five Turkey cave hotels for you to visit during your next holiday. 

How to reach Cappadocia?

The easiest way to start your journey is to take a flight from Istanbul to Nevsehir or Kayseri airport. The flight is around 1 hour 15 mins. The ticket price for Turkish airlines is 245 TL or 5000 PKR. You can also opt for the bus service if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery. However, it will take 11-12 hours to reach your destination.

Museum Hotel Cappadocia

One of the top Cappadocia cave hotels is the Museum hotel. It has unique amenities which gives it the title of the most photographed Cappadocia’s cave hotel. There are impressive rooms inside the cave. Architects did not destroy the natural texture of the cave to preserve its modern look. You can also find swimming pools there which can adjust temperatures according to your liking. How cool is it to take relaxing baths in warm heated water when it is snowing right in front of your eyes? Turkey is one of the few places to offer such privileges, and this museum hotel even provides great panoramic views. It will give you the best Instagram worthy pictures! 

Room rent starting price:2495 TL or 50,000 PKR

Book here: https://www.museumhotel.com.tr/en

Cappadocia Cave Suites

Cappadocia Cave Suites is next on our list. It is built into an earthy pyramid aka fairy chimneys. Bora Ozkok, the owner of this magnificent hotel, bought naturally made rock and established it into mesmerizing cave suites. You will find a total of 26 rooms in this cave. Bora Ozkok also focuses on aesthetics in this hotel that depict his love for Turkish history and cultural values. The lobby of the hotel has traditional artifacts and huge ancient fresco masterpieces. 

These Cappadocia Cave Suites offer great Turkish cuisine for travelers. It has ‘’Historia Restaurant’’ which is renowned for local as well as continental food.

Room rent starting price: 480 TL or 9770 PKR

Book here:https://cappadociacavesuites.com/en/

Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel

Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel is situated at a great location. It is a 5-minute walk from Goreme National Historic Park. Tourists can go hiking, learn about history, and ride elegant horses. This hotel has a strong connection with history. ‘’Yunak’’ in Turkish means a place where women socialize and sit near fountains to wash clothes. Just like its name, this hotel has a fountain and two lush outdoor swimming pools. In the evening, there are rushy gatherings. The food is mouthwatering as it is freshly prepared by professional chefs.

This Cappadocia Yunak cave hotel has 120 private cave rooms with stunning traditional decor. The terrace has private fireplaces with Turkish carpets and pillows where travelers enjoy spending time. It is also a treat for one to witness the sunrise and sunset here!

Room rent starting price: 770 TL or 15,000 PKR

Book here : http://www.yunak.com/

Taskonaklar Hotel

In Pigeon Valley, Taskonaklar cave hotel is located at the top of Uchisar hill. There are key destinations you can visit within walking distance such as local markets and Turkish restaurants. It is surrounded by the most popular castles which give a view of the entire city. Talking about the rooms, this hotel is famous for honeymoon destinations. It offers royal suites for luxurious stays with private jacuzzis and terraces. You can spend quality time with your spouses by sipping hot coffee on a chilly evening at your private terrace at Taskonaklar. 

Their restaurant has some yummy treats for everyone. Whether you are looking for tea, snacks, delicious cake, or a scrumptious breakfast, this Taskonaklar cave hotel is not to miss out on!

Room rent starting price:1130 TL or 23,000 PKR

Book here: https://taskonaklar.com/

Sultan Cave Suites

Sultan Cave Suites famous for its terrace that boasts stunning scenery. The terrace has a beautiful traditional setup of Turkish carpets, pillows, and a round table with edibles such as delicious fruit. During sunrise, the panoramic view is heavenly. Hot air balloons can be seen from the terrace and people love to take photographs. Their breakfast buffet has many options, and there is a rooftop bar. You can enjoy a glass of wine on a fine night and enjoy the beauty of Sultan Cave Suites!

Room rent starting price:930 TL or 18,900 PKR

Book here: https://www.sultancavesuites.com/en