Explore Turkey with Faizan Ul Haq: Part 1 – Visiting Resort City, Antalya

Faizan Ul Haq in Antalya

Turkey, the land famous for its history, buildings, food, tourism, and beaches will make you want to put it on your travel bucket list. I went to Turkey in the summer of 2019 when COVID-19 never existed. Ah! What carefree days they were. So what was it like to visit this country before the real trouble began?

Antalya, Turkey

I made my first touchdown in Antalya, the resort city located in the southern part of Turkey touching the Mediterranean Sea. I stayed in the Kervansaray Lara Hotel. There are many things to do and places to visit here. You can stay at the beach the whole day, eat free delicious food at the hotel, and go to the Land Of Legends to spend a day. You can also visit the river area for rafting and take a city tour to explore around.

The Beach:

The Kervansaray Lara Beach Hotel:

The Land Of Legends:

A must-visit place, The Land Of Legends is a dream world. The Amusement park is divided into three parts, the water park, theme park, and shopping district.

You don’t want to miss the nighttime there because then is when the real magic begins.

The River Rafting:

River rafting is a must-do activity if you are visiting this city and I checked that off my list. I went in with the Boston River Rafting group and enjoyed myself a lot with them especially when our guide had an interesting character. Turkey has the most beautiful rivers and lakes.

The City Tour:

Saying GoodBye to Antalya:

The last night in this city was a sad one. After all the enjoyment and the stay, one could only fantasize about was coming to an end. I spent most of the night on the docks at the beach gazing at the moon throwing its light on the open sea. But the trip did not end here and I was very much excited to be traveling to another city, Cappadocia the next morning and that too by road.