Explore Turkey with Khola Iqbal

Khola Iqbal

November 2020 gave me a superb chance to get a trip to Turkey with my husband. Our mutual interest in Turkey is because of the rich culture, beautiful sites, and most importantly, amazing food. It was honestly a good value of money and the memories we collected have no return. 

We gathered the unforgettable moments in the day tours, balloon rides, lots of shopping, and beautiful evenings of Turkey.   

So let me start the tour again with you guys!


The ultimate fascination with Turkey got enhanced with my life partner. I got some beautiful clicks at amazing places. The weather, atmosphere, and beauty of Istanbul made this day very special for us.


Ortaköy Mosque is situated at the waterside of Ortaköy pier square. It is considered one of the famous locations on the Bosphorus. The symbolic nature of this district gives a distinctive view of the Bosphorous Strait of Istanbul. This mosque can clearly be seen from Bosphorous Cruise. I’m capturing some beautiful moments here, singing, and dancing.


Antalya is another beautiful city in Turkey. What I loved about this place is the mix of the Turkish culture and amazing beaches here. I also went to see Hadrian’s gate on my visit to the old town center.

I love cycling and so gave myself a ride in the streets of Turkey.


Cappadocia is situated in central Turkey. It is popular for the beautiful panorama shot of hundreds of hot air balloons. There so much more to do in Cappadocia. 


In Cappadocia, there is a full-of-life place named Pigeon Valley. The valley is famous for the countless pigeon houses that are man-made. All those houses are carved in the soft volcanic tuff. It is one of the best spots if you want a walk in the splendid Cappadocia region, Central Anatolia. 


These are my favorite clicks in Blue Mosque. The mosque is famous for the blue titles and all the blue interior work. The mosque has six minarets. I got the pixels clicked with nice weather, some color twining, and beautiful clouds.


Dolmabahçe Palace is located in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul, Turkey. It is on the European coast of the Bosporus strait. The place is famous for its historic taste and Turkish traditions. It is also called the main administrative center of the Ottoman Empire. 


It is the historic city center of Antalya inTurkey. The place is famous for the huge historical structures from Byzantine, Ottoman, Roman, and Seljuk. The place is going through some serious restorations that are enhancing its beauty. It is giving a modern touch to transitions.