Why Turkey Is A Famous Tourist Place?


Historic sites, breathtaking natural beauty, great cuisine, affordable prices, a culturally rich history, and a tradition of hospitality all make Turkey a popular tourist destination. Your time in Turkey will never be boring and if you read Turkey news, you will see the country welcomes more than 40 million tourists every year. An open and simple visa system makes the Turkey visa available to multiple nationalities, and you can easily acquire it online. 

Here are some reasons why you should choose Turkey as your holiday destination on your next vacation.


‘How safe is Turkey country’? This is a question travelers frequently ask, and we have the answer. Istanbul Turkey, one of the largest cities, is safe, along with Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Other destinations like Cappadocia Turkey, Antalya are also safe. The risks to tourists are generally low but as a precautionary measure, it is always a good practice to stay vigilant in locations that draw large crowds.

Turkey is as safe as European countries like UK, France, Spain, and Germany. Upon the directives of the president of Turkey, authorities have implemented strict security measures all around the country, and the locals are warm and welcoming. They will do everything they possibly can to make you feel comfortable and at home during your stay. Whether you are a solo traveler, a group of friends, or family, you can book a tour through your hotel or with an agency for maximum safety. 


Turkish foods and drinks are famous across the world for their unique tastes, mesmerizing presentations, and the quality of ingredients that chefs use in preparation. Be it appetizers, main courses, desserts, juices, or drinks like the famous Ayran lassi, many mouth-watering dishes are sure to excite your taste buds.

Dating back to Ottoman cuisine, the delicacies include meaty skewers, doners, koftas, and many more. Other options include:

  • Sis Kepap (Turkish seekh kabab)
  • Kazu Tandir (lamb dish)
  • Pilav/Pilaf (Turkish pulao)
  • Dolma (vegetarian recipe)
  • Balik Ekmek (fish sandwich)
  • Lahmacun (Turkish-style pizza)
  • Kunefe (sweet Cheese pastry)
  • Hunkarbegendi (Ottoman cuisine dish of the royals)
  • Kahvalti (Turkish breakfast)
  • Turkish tea and coffee

The list is practically endless. Whether you are a meat lover, vegetarian, or prefer the best of both worlds, Turkish restaurants never fail to disappoint with their wide range of dishes.

Business Opportunities

Jobs in Turkey and business opportunities are abundant. If you are interested in launching a startup, then Turkey is an excellent place to start. It is home to several foreign investments because of its strategic location between Asia and Europe. As one of the most visited places in the world, opening a tourism agency is a viable choice. Or, you can become a tour guide which is even easier because you require little startup capital. Other options include providing cleaning services, car rental services, financial consulting, BnB stay, hazelnut farming and export, and producing medical equipment.

Starting a business in Turkey is simple and stress-free. Company registration is straightforward, and LLC registration takes about seven days. As a foreigner, you can be the owner, but you need at least one shareholder from any nation. You can do business in free zones without paying taxes, and strong transport and infrastructure across the country offer a real advantage. 


Turkish cities are a shopaholic’s paradise. There are plenty of historical bazaars, new-age markets, and trendy boutiques to visit. Whether you are interested in local or international brands, clothes shopping in Turkey is something you should never miss out on. Discover a maze of stalls at Istanbul Spice Bazaar where stall owners sell exotic spices, fresh vegetables, nuts, olives, coffee, and tea. Or, visit the Grand Bazaar to shop a large collection of jewelry, embroideries, antiques, hand-painted ceramics, evil-eye ornaments, and more.

Go to Bagdat Street, and you will see amazing department stores, shopping malls, as well as posh restaurants. Buy designer clothes, fancy glassware, impressive sculptures, and even exquisite paintings if you are an art enthusiast. Once you are done with your shopping, sit back and relax in cafes and pubs. Also, you can visit the Mall of Istanbul which is famous for its gourmet centers, art performance center, and amusement parks. For traditional souvenirs and products, visit Arasta Bazaar to shop for the finest rugs, ceramics, textiles, and Turkish delights. Notably, this bazaar was built in the 17th century to support the famous Blue Mosque, and today, it is one of the biggest shopping hubs for tourists.

If you are a fan of big brands, then the luxurious Nisantasi Shopping Center is for you. This place is heaven for fashion lovers as it carries quality products from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, and Marks and Spencer. The center is similar to European towns as European construction designs were the inspiration behind the architecture of the buildings. Many coffee shops offer delicious Turkish coffee, with the Arabica bean variety being the best.


Turkey is not known as ‘The Land of Four Seasons’ for nothing. It boasts climates ranging from the Mediterranean climates of the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts to the temperate climate of the Black Region and the continental climate of the interior. If you look at the Turkey map, you will come across diverse landscapes, so let’s have a look at the climates you can expect:

  • Mediterranean, Aegean, & Marmara Coasts
    Hot summers and mild winters characterize these coastal regions. If you go further up North, the swimming season becomes shorter.
  • Black Sea Coast
    Temperate climate with high rainfall, warm summers, and mild winters.
  • Southeast Turkey
    Hot summers with mild, rainy winters.
  • Eastern Turkey
    Relatively mild summers with cold, snowy winters.
  • Central Turkey
    Steppe climate with hot summers and cold winters.

Particularly, the Meditteranean climate of Turkey provides around six months of summertime in the Southern regions, allowing you to enjoy the warm sun. There are plenty of fun, sandy beaches, and a wonderous sea if you visit the Aegean coastline. The sea is mildly cold and you can relish a refreshing, ‘wow’ experience. How about embarking on a blue voyage by yacht to visit all the beaches and marvel at the turquoise waters? 

Final Thoughts

This list is by no means conclusive, and you have to visit Turkey to know why exactly it is such a famous tourist destination all around the year. From beautiful Turkey mosques to the Turkey language and a large Turkey map to explore, be prepared for a memorable journey!