Friday, January 27, 2023
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Forum Rules

Ertugrul Forever strives to be a platform where members can discuss ideas openly and cordially. We represent a proactive medium through which you can solicit the advice of your peers, share your views, and participate in fruitful dialogue. To ensure the best possible experience for participants, we have established some basic guidelines for you to follow. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate membership for members who violate the following rules:

No Spam, Advertising, Or Self-Promotion
We refer to spam as unwarranted ads for products, services, and websites with little or irrelevant content. Please do not spam our forum with links to your site or products, and leverage commercial messages to promote your business. Do not spam several topics with the same message, and please refrain from asking for phone numbers or e-mail addresses. Failure to comply will lead to your account being banned permanently and your posts deleted.

Do Not Share Explicit Or Graphic Content
All defamatory, abusive, profane, offensive, threatening, or illegal materials are strictly prohibited. We do not permit obscene, racist, and graphic posts, links, or images on our forum. As a general guideline, only share content that is considered safe for work (SFW).

Do Not Promote Ethnic Or Political Hatred
You have every right to freedom of opinion and expression as long as all your posts remain courteous and insightful. Regardless of the title you hold in this forum, you are not allowed to attack, insult, degrade, or belittle fellow community members. This is not a place for religious discussions or spreading nationalism, sectarianism, political, communal, and religious hatred. Ertugrul Forever holds a zero-tolerance policy towards such activities that create divide or unrest and will penalize members going against this rule.

Do Not Spread Fake News
In this digital era, it is easy to spread information that leads to doubt or confusion and raise questions about credibility, authenticity, and reputation. Before posting, make it a best practice to check the sources from which you are extracting data, and verify news from multiple sources. If you are posting perspectives and statistics derived from other institutions or individuals, kindly give credit to the original content. Falsifying and deliberately misinterpreting information is strictly prohibited

Do Not DM Users For Help
You are not authorized to directly message any user and seek assistance, especially on personal matters or queries. If you have any questions, please create a new thread in the forum so that all community members can help and benefit. Send a message only if it includes information that can benefit the entire forum. Avoid sending private messages such as ‘thank you for the information’ or ‘me too’. Do not respond to member posts with harassing content or veiled threats, and refrain from displaying passive-aggressive behavior that makes a member feel unsafe.

Do Not Promote Criminal Activity
Do not create any thread or post content aimed at encouraging criminal activity and influencing decisions that act against the best interest of other members. Doing so will be considered a criminal offense, and you will be penalized.

Do Not Be Disrespectful
Please keep an open mind to productive discussions and new ideas. Do not respond with posts, pictures, or other content intended to antagonize fellow community members or incite negative emotional feedback. Even in the case of sensitive issues, please use respectful language and do not use any words that justify discrimination. This behavior, along with trolling, is completely unacceptable and Ertugrul Forever reserves the right to take appropriate measures where required.