How Did Osman Gazi Die?

how did osman gazi die

Osman Gazi or Osman I was the son of Ertuğrul, who later became tribal chief after his father’s death. 

Osman kept on pursuing his father’s ambition and continued fighting for a separate homeland, protecting his people from the invaders. After fighting many battles and acquiring many lands he finally laid the foundation of one of the greatest Empires in the world. His tale is currently being depicted in the series Kuruluş: Osman. The show has garnered viewers from many countries and is currently running its third season. 

Osman I’s history was not recorded until 100 years of his demise, so it is hard to distinguish fact from fiction thus adding too many debates and disputes, amongst historians. 

Osman’s Dream

Osman had a close association with dervishes and he used to meet Sheikh Edebali a renowned dervish. Once he was staying at the Sheikh’s house and he dreamed a moon arsing from Sheikh’s breast and landing in Osman’s. Then a tree sprang from Osman’s chest and continued to grow and spread. The tree spread over four mountains. From the roots of the tree sprang rivers and those rivers gave way to fields, buildings, and cities. A crescent appeared above the branches and the tree’s leaves pointed towards Constantinople. 

The next morning Osman woke up and narrated his dream to the Sheikh to seek its interpretation. The Sheikh after listening to him quietly responded with a smile. He told Osman that the Almighty Allah has blessed him with the Sultanate and it will continue with his son and his generation. Upon saying this Sheikh Edebali gave his daughter’s hand to Osman.

Historians contradict Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun to be the Sheikh’s daughter. As per the series, Bala Hatun is the Sheikh’s daughter and is then married to Osman. 

Osman’s dream on the other hand is considered fiction by some historians, they believe that the story is fabricated to legitimize the Ottoman Empire

Why Did Osman Marry Malhun Hatun

As per the contradictions in historical references, Osman married Malhun Hatun first and she was the Sheikh’s daughter. Other historians claim Malhun to be Umer Bey’s daughter. 

As per the portrayal in the series, Malhun Hatun is the daughter of Umer Bey and the second wife of Osman. Osman’s first wife Bala can’t give him offspring so to continue his lineage Osman marries another woman of a tribal leader. This woman is Malhun who is also a skilled warrior. 

Malhun gives birth to Osman’s successor Orhan. It is again contradictory whether Orhan is Osman Gazi’s first son or second. 

Why Osman married twice? as per the series depiction, it can be noted that his affection for Bala Hatun and the interpretation of his dream, led to his marriage to her. Whereas Osman’s marriage to Malhun Hatun was for the continuation of his legacy. 

Osman Gazi’s Children

Osman had seven children. 6 of them were boys and he had only one daughter Fatma Hatun.

Orhan the next Sultan was Malhun Hatun’s son. She was also the mother of Çoban Bey, Melik Bey, Hamid Bey, and Pazarlu Bey. Osman’s only son from Bala Hatun was Alaeddin Pasha. Alaeddin Pasha later became the Grand Vizier to Orhan. 

Osman’s Conquests

Osman I, conquered the districts of Bilecik Yenişehir,  İnegöl, and Yarhisar, as well as Byzantine fortresses in these territories, till the end of the thirteenth century.

Following the fall of Seljuk’s rule, Osman was able to take the fortifications of Kulucahisar and Eskişehir, which were his first genuine triumphs. Then he conquered Yenişehir, the first large city in his domains, and it later became the Ottoman capital.

The final campaign under Osman’s command was against the Turkish city of Bursa.  Osman himself didn’t participate in the war due to his deteriorating health. However, the victory at Bursa was crucial for the Ottomans since the ground served as a base of operations against Byzantines in Constantinople. 

The city served as a freshly embellished metropolis for Osman’s son, Orhan. According to Ottoman legend, Osman died shortly after the seizure of Bursa, however other researchers claim that his death must be dated in 1324, the year of Orhan’s accession.

How Did Osman Gazi Die?

Osman was suffering from Gout and had quite a lot of pain in his foot. During the siege of Bursa, he was very ill resultantly he couldn’t take part in the battle himself. He was at his death bed when his son Orhan told him about the falling of Bursa. It was Osman’s will to be buried in Bursa. 

The year he died is disputed. According to some historians, it is assumed that he might have died on 21st Ramazan at the age of 70. Other sources debate his age as either 66 or 68 and they claim his death in the year 1323 or 1324. 

He led a life full of valor and died victorious leaving behind one of the largest Empires in the World.