How Many Languages are Spoken in Turkey?


Turkey is a country that lies over two continents, Asia and Europe. Being the only country in the whole world that has this kind of geography, it enjoys a vast and rich culture as well as colorful traditions of the two sides. It is a major economic gateway between Asia and the West hence people around the world come to this country for trade. The land is also a hub for tourism. A homeland to many ancient architectures belonging to the Roman as well as Ottoman Empire, Turkey has a rich history. People from around the world come here to settle down and find jobs in the tourism industry and many other fields. With this, come many languages spoken as well. How many languages are spoken in Turkey? Let’s find out.

According to Turkey’s constitutional law, it is stated in Article 42 that only the Turkish language is the official language spoken in Turkey. The Turkish language is also famous around the world. This language is widely spoken in countries other than Turkey and is surprisingly ranked ahead of foreign languages like Italian, German and French. Therefore it is the 12th most spoken language in the world.

Languages Spoken in Turkey:

The Turkish language is the main language spoken in Turkey. According to a study, more than 75 million Turk people speak the Turkish language globally. The language is considered important as it helps in communication between the Asian and European sides. This is also the most spoken language in Istanbul, Turkey out of all the other cities there.

Other languages spoken in Turkey are Kurdish Language, Arabic Language, Zaza Language, Armenian Language, and Greek Language. These languages are considered to be minor and ethnic languages. Due to the law stated in Article 42, no other language other than the Turkish language can be used for official work. The government, as well as education institutions, use this language for daily communication and teaching. The schools are not allowed to teach other languages as a mother tongue. After Turkish Language, Kurdish and Arabic are the most spoken languages making them the top 3 languages spoken in Turkey. 

Is English Spoken in Turkey?

If you are wondering if English is spoken in Turkey, then you might be happy to know that yes, English is spoken there. Perhaps English is a global language and a means of communication for all nations. When tourists visit Turkey, they need to communicate in English instead of their own language. This is because the foreigners do not know the local languages and speak English to converse with the locals.

If you are planning to visit Turkey, then you can learn a few Turkish words such as terms used for greeting people and saying thanks. This may not only help improve your communication with the Turkish people but you can also impress them and who knows, they may help and guide you better.