How Many Seasons are There in Ertugrul

Image Source: Mashable_Pakistan

Etrugrul is a widely acclaimed Turkish drama series that has won the hearts of millions in Pakistan. People relate to the show largely because of shared religious traditions and beliefs that allow them to connect with the events on a deeper and more personal level. PM Imran Khan personally lauded the drama and recommended everyone to watch it. Watch all seasons of “Diriliş: Ertuğrul” on Ertugrul Forever Forum. Those who were initially disinterested began to express their curiosity in knowing the storyline of the show so that they could check it out on Netflix. As a result, ‘how many seasons are there in Ertugrul’ is a common question posted on the Internet as people search for more episodes.

Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) produced the television series that is based on the life of 13th century Muslim Oghuz Turk leader Etrugrul. Already featured in sixty countries, it was first released in 2014 and has been available for viewership on Netflix over a year. Earlier in 2020, Pakistan Television (PTV) aired the show with Urdu dubbing under an agreement with TRT. This improved the show’s accessibility to a larger local audience and piqued greater public interest in the famous Turks and their history. Many imagine themselves as part of Ertugrul’s tribe, deep-diving into the glorious Muslim past while remaining closely tied to modern Islamic customs. 

The religious convictions, family challenges, and military campaigns of Etrugrul are important elements in the show’s storyline. This is the story of a man with difficult decisions to make and challenges to overcome that has a direct impact on his family as well as his destiny. Etrugrul has achieved 1 million subscribers on YouTube, with Imran Khan’s government attempting to make it the most subscribed channel in Pakistan. To date, the show features 5 seasons with a total of 150 episodes. Its rich content and splendid storytelling have earned it a permanent place among the highest watched Western shows in the world.