How to Do a Turkish Get-up

How to Do a Turkish Get-up

The Turkish get-up is one of the most complicated and functional exercises. 

What is a Turkish Get-up?

It follows a series of movies from standing straight to lying down on the floor, all by holding a kettlebell above the head. It is a sequence of more or less seven moves. Apparently, the origin of the Turkish get-up is in the Turkish military. However, today, it has become a calling card in gyms. Turkish get-up ensures the exercise of a full-body with its detailed movements. The ultimate purpose behind it is to improve the coordination between the legs and shoulders so that you could maintain the capability of lifting heavy things and avoid any injury to your shoulders. 

So if you are willing to work on mobility, stability, flexibility, and strength of your body all at once, Turkish get-up is the best exercise for your full-body movement. It will make your body more resilient and strong. It stabilizes the shoulders and hips more. Turkish get-up workout targets every inch of your body. However, to do this exercise in routine, you need control, skill, and patience. The Turkish get-up benefits are:

  • Improve mobility of your thoracic spine
  • Improve the mobility of hip and shoulders
  • Strengthen the midsection
  • It burns lots of calories and brings you in shape
  • Makes you injury-proof

Let’s have a look at the steps of the Turkish exercise.

  1. Grab the kettlebell

Kettlebell Turkish get-up involves a kettlebell on top of you. You begin with the exercise by grabbing the kettlebell firmly with your right arm.

First, stand up and grab the kettlebell towards you with a firm hand. Now place the kettlebell on the floor. Roll yourself towards the kettlebell and bring it towards your chest using both hands. While punching through the kettlebell, your arms should be locked.

  1. Elbow Exercise 

In the second, exercise with a kettlebell using your elbow. Start with the left arm and keep it at a 45-degree angle. Try to get up with the help of your right foot and your left arm. Make sure that your shoulders are in the movement throughout the exercise. Continue it for a few minutes.

  1. Get up on your hand

In this step, sit on your hand in a stable position in such a way that the palm of your hand touches the ground and the fingers are pointing behind you. With this, your arms will lock and you will be able to get in a relaxed position.

  1. High bridge

This is one of the most useful exercises that allows you to contract the glutes and give your body some movements. This step plays with your legs and opens up your hips. It is a halfway point. Keep your eyes on the kettlebell, push your right heels and raise your hips. Keep your left hand on the floor. Your body will come in a straight line and your hips will extend fully.

  1. Knee to Hand

This is one of the most difficult steps in the entire exercise. In this step, keep yourself stable and firm enough to avoid dragging yourself on the ground. 

First place your right arm strength on the ground and your left arm in the air with a kettlebell. Just in the position of your right arm, touch your right knee to the ground straight. Give support to yourself with the extent of the left knee. Both your arms totally straight will make a “T”. So if you don’t find a T, it means you are not in the right position. 

  1. Stand and Hold

In this step, stand up and hold the kettlebell in a straight position. Keep that arm firm that is carrying the kettlebell and align that arm with your ear.

  1. Go Down Again

In this step, you will do the reverse lungs exactly the way you go to the top, go down again. For this, keep your knee on the ground and push your hips slightly to the side. Give yourself some support with the hand. 

Now extend your legs and come in the bridge position. Now keep yourself stable and get lower to the ground. This step will extend your hips. Now again go down and place your elbow on the ground. Keep yourself in the lying position with the forearm on the ground.

  1. Turkish Push-ups

You can do some half Turkish get-ups or Turkish push-ups. This Turkish lift will stretch your shoulders.

Learn the basics of Turkish Get-up from the video below. It will help you exercise the steps at home with a clear practical demonstration.