How to Make Turkish Coffee


Turkish coffee or Türk kahvesi holds a crucial role in Turkish culture. Decades back, the coffeehouses in Turkey were considered a place to meet with friends where they used to do conversations on every political or economic matter. Even today, Turkish coffee fulfills the ultimate desire for an exclusive drink. It is a part of an engaging social life that gives pleasure with its unique taste and aroma.

Traditionally, there are multiple social factors associated with Turkish coffee. It is a drink that a bride-to-be used to serve the guests that act as a test of her kitchen skills. Fortune-telling is another common tradition in which the button of the finished coffee cup is checked to deduce the outcomes. One way or the other, Turkish coffee plays a central role in extending the conversations. 

How to Grind Turkish Coffee?

Grinding is the most critical part to prepare a delicious coffee. Every single bean of coffee is ground to almost 45,000 particles. It varies from coffee to coffee. For instance, espresso bean is ground to 3,000 particles and drip coffee into 100 particles. The purpose is to extract the flavor and aroma from the coffee beans. There are different methods of brewing that help get the ultimate flavor of the coffee. The beans are re-roasted in the brewing process because coffee initially is at a complex stage for a week after which it oxidizes and gets decays.

Some people like additional flavors in coffee. For this, they like to add cardamom or cinnamon to the coffee. The spices are finely grounded and can be added to coffee while preparing that enhanced the taste and most importantly, the aroma of the beverage.  

Preparation of Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee is mainly prepared in a cezve. It is a pot that is made of brass and copper. It captures heat faster from the hot sand. It helps heat the coffee very well and mix all of its ingredients to give the desired aroma and unique taste. It has a long handle that helps move it over the sand better. Moreover, it has a pouring lip that makes the process of pouring coffee into the cup very easy. Turkish coffee houses prefer making traditional coffee in a cezve as it delivers the desired tone and fragrance.

Turkish Yogurt Drink and Turkish Coffee are two famous Turkish beverages.

This section gives a step-by-step guide on “how to make Turkish coffee in sand”.

The Turkish coffee ingredients are:

  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Milk (if required) 
  • Cardamom or cinnamon
  • Water 
Turkish Coffee Procedure


  1. Add some water to the cezve. It is usually 1.7 oz per cup as required.
  2. Now add some sugar (as required) into the cezve and stir it.
  3. Add some grounded cardamom or cinnamon and mix it well.
  4. Keep it in the hot sand and let it boil.
  5. Add a teaspoon of coffee per cup and heat it more.
  6. After the first boil, remove the cezve from the sand.
  7. Remove the foam from the surface of the cezve. Keep it or waste it as per your choice.
  8. Mix the coffee very well. Let it boil twice in succession.
  9. Pour the coffee into cups and sprinkle some coffee powder on top of it.

How to make Turkish Coffee with Milk?

Some people like milk in their coffee. To prepare it with milk, follow the steps below:

  1. Measure a cup of milk in the cezve.
  2. Add sugar into it as required.
  3. Add a teaspoon of coffee.
  4. Stir all the ingredients in the cezve. 
  5. Keep the heat on and boil the cezve.
  6. Keep your focus on the cezve so that the mixture does not boil out.
  7. After two to three boils, the foam will start appearing.
  8. Remove the foam from your coffee.
  9. Pour the coffee into a cup and sprinkle some coffee powder on top.

To learn, how to make Turkish coffee without cezve, see the section below.

How to Make Turkish Coffee on Electric Stove

First, measure the amount of water, put it in the pot, and set the flame to medium-high (in the start). When water heats up, put the coffee and sugar (as required) in a pot. Stir it and set the flame to very little. This is how you can make Turkish coffee on induction stove as well. Stir all the ingredients in a pot. After you have done it once, do not star it again.

How to make Turkish coffee with foam? After some time, you will be able to see the bubbles appearing on the surface of the pot. At this stage, keep the flame lower. Keep your full attention on the pot. The bubbles should be very small in size. After a minute, you will note that the foam will start appearing on the top of the pot’s surface. Keep the flame as it is. Now when the foam starts getting darker and thicker, put some foam from the surface to the cup. Now the coffee will start rising. Off the flame and pour the coffee into the cups. 

Serving Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is usually a must drink after dinner. When friends and family are gathered at one place, after dinner, it is a good time for entertainment and conversations. Turkish coffee makes the environment more delightful. 

It is very important to serve the coffee in a good manner. The coffee should be served at the proper temperature. Serve water with Turkish coffee so that the person could clean the mouth before drinking coffee. It increases the ultimate flavor of the coffee. Turkish delight, sweets, chocolate, or cookies can also be served coffee to boost the treat.