How Many Provinces are in Turkey?

Provinces in Turkey

Turkey is a diverse land with a hidden beauty in each province. One has to dig in depths to see its history, culture, and traditions. It has recently got the status of 6th most visited destination in the world. The obvious reason is a variety of regions, the division of provinces and their specialties, and the welcoming nature of Turks. They have running turquoise seas to sandy beaches, greenlands to high mountain areas. Every part of Turkey is unique in its own way.

Turkey covers an area of 783,562 Km². Which is divided into 7 regions due to geographical properties. Further, Turkey is divided into 81 provinces. It’s quite difficult to write about all the amazing things about these provinces. So, we are listing the top 5 provinces in Turkey!

The Stunning Province of Antalya

Antalya, known as the citrus capital, is famous for the variety of fresh fruit farms. Throughout Turkey, Antalya’s fruits are sweet in taste and are given significant importance. Not only this, the eco-friendly environment here makes this province a hotspot for foreign tourists.

The sea life of Antalya province is where the sun shines and not only locals, travelers love to spend time. There are many important blue voyage routes here. There is a number of water sports activities. Many championships are organized every year. 

Antalya has many historical sites that are now preserved by UNESCO. Red tower and castle, Seljuk architecture, open-air theatre, and Apollo temple, and the list goes on. There are many theme parks and entertainment houses.

If you can wake up early and want to see the sun rising, then, top of Mount Tahtali is not to miss out. From this point, you can view the whole of Antalya. You can also enjoy cable cars or if you are a thriller individual, go for paragliding!

Izmir Province of Turkey

Izmir is called ‘’Pearl of Aegean’’. This province has the largest sailing port. The main cause of its popularity is the remains of Christianity religion here. There are many important historical sites here. Such as the Ephesus, churches, and the House of the Virgin Mary.

Izmir, One of the top provinces in Turkey, enjoys all seasons of nature. There are hot summers, cold winters, and rainy monsoon too. During the severe summers, locals enjoy activities at the beach. You can choose from many options of beaches from Seferihisar, Alacati, Cesme, and  Dikili or Urla. The choice is yours. Don’t forget to bring your umbrellas and beds. Be ready to enjoy your sunny holidays in Izmir!

Istanbul Province: The Metropolitan Hub

The crown of Turkey is titled to the king of all provinces, Istanbul. Istanbul the metropolitan city competes with the rest of the world due to its infrastructure, business, economy, trade, and tourism. 

Name a thing and wait, everything is available in Istanbul in just a blink of an eye. There are big shopping malls here. The most visited one is the Istanbul mall. Don’t forget to shop, till you drop!

Many empires have ruled this province. Here we can see the classical work of the Byzantine empire and the Ottoman empire’s architecture. The world reclaimed destinations, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace all are here to make you astonished. 

How can we forget to mention the lively nights of Istanbul! Life is once and Turks exactly know how to spread happiness. There are many restaurants, streets which offer night celebrations. You can find it very common for people to dance to the rhythm of local Turkish music and enjoying Turkish cuisine late at night. 

Rize: The Tea Capital Province

Many people think a place is known for its infrastructure or a monument. But, how about knowing a province which is worldwide famous because of tea? Isn’t it great! ”Turkish kava” is an important part of Turks’ life. They can’t start their day without it. Turkish kava is the national drink of Turkey. 

This Rize province has a perfect climate for vegetation. The proper environment makes it the reason for the amazing taste of tea. Locals love to grow veggies in their home gardens and enjoy the pure organic taste. From here, tea is supplied to the whole of Turkey. Whenever you plan holidays to Turkey, don’t forget to soothe your eyes by visiting lush green fields in Rize.

Nevsehir: Dreamland Province of Turkey

To visit his province is the dream of many travelers. Turkish hot air gas balloon ride is on the top bucket list. The famous cave city Cappadocia, a land where nature has unique creations in the form of conical caves. According to historians, there were underground cities. There are many active churches even today here.

Many hotels arrange balloon rides for the tourists. It’s a mesmerizing view to see these balloons going up in the sky. During winters, this province changes into a fairyland. Such a dream place with many options for entertainment and exploration.

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