Top Rivers and Lakes of Turkey

River of Turkey

Turkey is a beautifully planned country. It has many rivers, lakes and water reservoirs. There are big rivers which flow throughout Turkey such as Halys. Few rivers cross borders with neighbouring countries. The Kura river, after supplying water to Turkey, flows to Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Turkey is known for ’’Lakes Region’’. The lakes of Eastern Anatolian region and Mediterranean regions come under this title. The water of the most lakes is sweet. Few Turkish lakes are unique as they are salty in nature.

Lets see the top Rivers and Lakes of Turkey

How Rivers and Lakes are Formed

Turkey has a plateau with many high mountains. These mountains lie in the East region. Due to severe winters, snow falls on the mountains. Thus, it melts in the spring season. The favorable conditions of climate changes result in the formation of rivers and lakes. 

These flowing rivers and lakes are very beneficial from an agricultural point of view. The water of these rivers are used to establish irrigation systems and for watering fields. The main use of the water is to produce hydroelectric energy by building dams. 

Top Rivers of Turkey


There are many rivers in Turkey that have been flowing for ages. The longest river is the Euphrates. The Euphrates also flows towards Syria and Iraq.In Turkish Language Euphrates is known as ‘’Firat Nehri’’. The river starts from Armenian highlands and flows for 1,740 miles.

The Euphrates river joins Syria and flows across Iraq and finally merges into the Persian Gulf. The Euphrates river has significant value as it flows across the borders and meets new routes.

Euphrates river waters Xeric woodland. As a result, trees of pistachio, oaks and Rosaceae grow. The river water is so important for irrigation as mostly crops of wheat, oat and rye are dependent on it. 

When the Euphrates river enters Iraq, it waters the devastated land desert. There is no sign of life, So no vegetation or human interaction. However, in the past the situation was much better. Ecosystem was intact. It was not ruined like today. This river has proudly fed many nomadic people. 

Tigris River of Turkey

Turkey has another famous river Tigris. Tigris flows from Taurus mountains. This river flows for 1,15o miles. The Tigris river joins hands with the Euphrates and together they merge into Persian Gulf as stated above. In Turkey it comes in second on the list of big rivers. 

The Tigris River has benefited mankind long ago. Old civilizations used to establish their tiny houses around its bank. In this way, they utilized river water to the maximum. According to historians, The Sumerian civilization depended upon the Tigris river for their livelihood.  Cities of Seleucia and Nineveh were under the influence of this river.

The Tigris River has historical significance. During World War 1, just before the fall of the Ottoman empire, this river acted as a mode of transport. As it was the best suitable route in Turkey. 

There are dams on both ends of The Tigris river. One lies in Turkey and the other one is in Iraq. These dams are very important for flood controlling. As the massive snow melts and results in flood. So, these dams store water and help in the irrigation system of different crops in both countries. 

Kura River of Turkey

Kurucay or Kura river is the third big name in the rivers of Turkey. It flows for 941 miles. The Kura river begins from Eastern region of Turkey. Just like the Euphrates and Tigris, the Kura river also meets foreign borders. It crosses Georgia and Azerbaijan and then finishes in Caspean sea.

The Kura river has many fish species. Which are now in dangerous conditions due to a polluted ecosystem. For thousands of years, the Kura river has served the Kura valley and its inhabitants. But now due to business tycoons involvement, motherland has been destroyed. Massive constructions and no future planning has ruined the beauty of this river. Even it’s suffering water shortage due to unnecessary dams constructions. Woods have been cut for making ground plain as a result, green shelter is not there to protect locals from massive flooding due to climatic changes

Top Lakes of Turkey

Turkey is truly blessed by the creator. It has phenomenal rivers and charming lakes. There are many entertainment options available for thrilling tourists taking to you on new routes. You can go along hiking, do some camping on the site or enjoy some beneficial swimming near the bank. But even if you want to sit calmly and enjoy the surreal sound of the lake, it’s more than a blessing to breathe in fresh and unpolluted air in the 20th century! 

Turkey has more than 50 hidden inland treasures. Many more are to be explored still. Here we have shortlisted some stunning Turkish lakes for you. 

Van Lake of Turkey

 How about knowing the fact that there is a lake which is not affected in winters? Snow has no impact on it and it remains in original form which means it does not get frozen. Well, it’s Van lake known as salins lake of Turkey.

This Van lake is the largest lake of Turkey. It lies in the Anatolian region. This Turkish lake has surrounding mountains,volcanoes and plateaus, which makes its scenery breathtaking.

This lake offers sports and other fun activities throughout the year. Tourists are fond of sailing and boat racing. There are swimming competitions which are held here to promote local tourism. 

Salda Lake of Turkey

If you love to enjoy ‘’me time’’, this place surely belongs to you. Turquoise blue water, which reflects surrounding scenery, is so appealing for human eyes. There is uniqueness in sand as it’s white in color. The sand dunes are mesmerizing!

This lake is often compared with the beauty of Maldives. But who knows, Turkey is hiding such a gem. Salda Lake is known to be a picnic lake. There are no restaurants or local food stalls. All you have to do is plan a holiday accordingly. Bring some yummy Turkish cuisine with you, prepare hot tea on the lake, and spend quality time with your family!

If you like swimming, try diving into Salda lake but be careful about this adventure as safety comes first! This lake is also rumored to have healing properties for various skin diseases. You can try your luck too.

Lake Bafa

A dreamy place for bird lovers! Have you ever heard of a place that is home to thousands of birds? Well, Lake Bafa is the heaven of birds. This lake has beautiful guest pelican, dwarf cormorant, sea eagle, and many other rare species. 

The surrounding of this lake is so green and free from human disturbance. It has thick forest. There are trees of citrus fruits, green olives and pine trees.This unharmed ecosystem is what we call safe for all living organisms. 

If you visit this place, do camping. You will be amazed at the chirping pleasant sound of nature and visiting birds. Even if you want to live in a hut, you are more than welcome by locals to stay with them and fall in love with Bafa Lake!

Lake Tuz 

Tuz lake of Turkey is renowned for its salty nature. Water has more than 60 % saltish content. Which is huge to cater to the salts demand of the whole of Turkey. Lake Tuz is popular because of this salinity fact. Secondly, it’s surrounded by mountains. Not only locals, international tourists spend time here and fall in the magic of this Turkish lake.

How can we miss to share that this lake is also visited by many birds. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars and witness rare birds. When pink Flamingos visit this lake, the lake makes one spellbound!

If you don’t want to miss a chance to visit this lake, be sure to avoid going on holiday. As it will be crowded with tourists. Don’t forget to take some Insta worthy pictures and make your memories last forever.

We hope you will like our detailed article on the top rivers and lakes in Turkey. It’s a request to cooperate with locals and don’t throw plastics everywhere. Use bins to properly dispose of your used stuff. Stay hooked for more amazing content!