8 Spots for Scuba Diving in Turkey

Scuba Diving

If you love sea tourism, then Turkey is the best place to give your dreams a kick.

Yes, Turkey has some amazing spots that can fulfill your craving for scuba diving. With the unpolluted nature and highly favorable mild climate, Turkey has underwater scuba diving tourism options for you to enjoy your vacations to the full. Some most popular destinations include Saros, Marmaris, Bodrum, and Kaş. 

Below are some famous destinations for scuba diving in Turkey.

Afkule, Fethiye, Mugla

This is a spot famous for professional scuba diving in Turkey. It is a diving center that is named after Afkule Monastery. The palace offers an amazing experience to divers for underwater diving. The maximum depth for the bath is 10 meters. The palace gives you the ultimate feel of a cave as the Turkish bath is all surrounded by the sea roses and follows the path where the cave meets an end. In a Turkish bath, you can also enjoy underwater shooting. 

Bebek and Minnoş Rocks, Saros

The spot is considered one of the cleanest spots in the Aegean Sea for diving in Turkey. The place has more than 200 sea creatures’ species. Not only this, you will find red starfish, dolphins, and Turtles as you dive deep into it. You will get the opportunity to dive into the structure with colorful coral, walls, and creatures.

Flying Fish, Antalya

The place is famous for giving a unique and adventure diving experience to the tourists of Turkey. You will be happy to know that it is located in Antalya so while enjoying your time at beaches you can give yourself a try to get a scuba diving adventure at Flying Fish. The place has a diving depth of about 75 meters in which the visibility would be up to 30 meters. The region offers you an experience with plane wrecks, fish herds, and some groups of endangered species. The place is preferred to professionals for diving as the depth is much and it would be risky for the beginners. Moreover, it has a very strong sea current that might not be very suitable for beginners.

Big Reef, Bodrum

When it comes to the symbolic area of Turkey’s diving spots, Big Reef stands on the top in Bodrum scuba diving. Both professional and amateur divers can come and get an amazing diving experience. From Bodrum Marina, you can reach Big Reef in just 15 minutes. It means if you plan to do scuba diving in both Bodrum and Big Reef, you can have it in a day. The depth of the upper part of the reef starts from 5 meters and reaches to 32 meters. There is a Great Reef that is famous for its live population and also gives a visual feast to the scuba divers. 

Aquarium Bay

It is in Fethiye, Muğla. The place is suitable for both beginners and scuba diving professionals who want to dive by snorkel or scuba in Turkey. The aquarium is the ultimate beauty that seems a perfect place for underwater shooting and photography with its vibrant diversity and design. It is considered one of the few regions where underwater diving is allowed at night as well. You will see groupers, orange sponges, sea horses, and sandfish in the water.

Ilyosta, Ayvalik

If you want high-quality and amazing photography, this underwater region is for you. This diving spot provides you with rich spots to take photographs and make videos. The divers who want to enjoy scuba as well as the natural beauties underwater visit Ilyosta. You will find the sea beauties, colorful species of fish, and sea rabbits.

Deli Mehmet, Ayvalik

In the region of Deli Mehmet, there are two underwater scuba diving spots. One is in Ayvalık. The spot makes it memorable and exciting for divers due to its coral reefs and underwater islands that give an unforgettable experience. If you want to take photos and at the same time enjoy the majestic view of the sea all around, it is the best place to choose and close memories.

Orak Island, Bodrum

Bodrum is considered the hub of underwater diving. Located in the east of Bodrum, Orak Island is one of the popular places with underwater museums. The place gives you the ultimate diving experience with its inner architecture, caves, walls, enormous species of fish, sponges of all colors, and much more with the areas of different depths.