Study In Turkey – Top Universities, Courses & Fee Structure

Study in Turkey

All you knew about Turkey before was it connecting Asia with Europe and its incredible beauty. Then a record-breaking historical fiction and adventure series arrived which was liked by young and adults alike. With Istanbul, Hagia Sophia, and Bosphorus Strait being its most visited tourist attractions, Turkey is gaining popularity with study in Turkey. Student exchange programs are also offered for undergraduates from all across the world with no discrimination. Turkey has some of the best institutions in the world in almost all programs like Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. Business schools, law schools, and medical schools have a high rank in the top universities in Turkey.

Fee Structures and Costs:

The majority of the universities are owned and run by the state. These public universities are quite affordable for international students in particular with per year fees ranging from 100 Euros to 4,000 Euros. While the fee structure of privately owned universities is a bit higher but still affordable with up to 20,000 Euros as tuition fee per year. But not to panic, the government keeps granting scholarships for both local and international students with no application fee.

These scholarships contain tuition fees, accommodation, transportation, and living costs. They include monthly phone bills, cinemas, theater, and other entertainment and private medical insurance. Latest Turkey scholarships 2021 are out now. These scholarships are offered by the government, universities and educational institutes, and international organizations. It is highly recommended to apply for the Turkey study visa once you’ve received your official admission letter from the university.

Top Universities

There is no ending to the list of universities in Turkey offering high-quality education with their multicultural life as well as a safe and peaceful environment. Some of the world-renowned universities are mentioned below.

Middle East Technical University:

METU located in Ankara with English as its medium of instruction is ranked number one in Turkey since the demand for admissions is too high. The university only accepts 1.5 percent of its millions of applicants. Nonetheless, the university entertains its international students with meal scholarships, dormitory scholarships, and some sponsored by METU Development Foundation. Financial aid in the form of cash. The process to apply for the desired scholarships is pretty simple. All you have to do is sign a petition and submit it with the required documents and you are done. 

Istanbul University:

Istanbul University is another high-scale public university in Turkey. With its 15 faculties and 74 research and application centers, it is a renowned and most popular university in Istanbul. It is currently offering an astonishing number of 283 scholarships for different programs from Undergraduate to Ph.D.

The Akdeniz University:

The Akdeniz University of Antalya is another good option if you want to get enrolled in a Turkey university. From medicines to theology and law to engineering it proposes to you a total of 12 different and extensive fields. Moreover, it is providing a range of students’ exchange-programs 

Sabanci University:

The next university on the list is the Sabanci University of Istanbul with limited scholarships due to keen competition. If you do not qualify for the scholarship in Turkey universities for now but are successful in maintaining excellent grades in 2 semesters after getting enrolled, you will still get the chance to request the scholarship.


If you want to explore both Eastern and Western civilization along with your higher studies from well-reputed academic institutions internationally, Turkey is the best suitable destination for you with a mix of old and young universities. They are supervised by rectors from different socio-demographic backgrounds. Summing up the discussion, do not waste your time, apply for scholarships to study in Turkey as well as Turkey study Visa.