10 Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes For 2021

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

If you love the traditions of Turkey, you might always plan something new and amazing for your guests. These thanksgiving recipes would make your events more exciting and full of fun. The cuisine will serve as the main attraction to your guests, family, and friends to whom you want to thank. Get creative on this day and try some recipes that you have never made before. Below are ten savory thanksgiving Turkish recipes for 2021.

Expertly Spiced and Glazed Roast Turkey

Prepare the delicious and spicy glazed roast. It is one of the most popular Turkish recipes that can be served as a thanksgiving Turkish cuisine. You can follow the steps below to cook this tasty recipe. 

Step 1: Remove wings from the breast and dry the remaining piece.

Step 2: Separate the legs as well through the skin that is connected to the carcass.

Step 3: Remove the backbone from the breast and clean it properly.

Step 4: Take a bowl, put some pink and black peppercorns that are finely ground, add some salt, onion and garlic powder, paprika, and brown sugar. Mix them together well.

Step 5: Pat the prepared mixture on the Turkey pieces very well. Chill it for at least 24 hours.

Step 6: Now take a rack and grease it and the baking sheet a little. Turkey will also release some liquid. Put it on the sheet and let it sit for 2 to 3 hours to normalize its temperature.

Step 7: Cook the herbs, brown sugar, soy sauce, orange zest, and vinegar in a saucepan and stir it occasionally until it becomes thick in texture.

Step 8: Preheat the oven to 425°. Rub the bird with oil and one cup of water. Roast it at the same temperature for 20 minutes until its skin gets golden brown. Now reduce the temperature to 300°. Add some more water if needed. After some time again reduce the temperature to 170° and let it bake for 60 minutes. 

Step 9: Finally serve it with the vegetables.

Herb-Roasted Turkey

It is one of the healthy thanksgiving recipes that is a good option for cold weather especially. It follows the same process as above. However, it gives you the taste of citrus herbs and a filling aroma of turkey. You can enjoy this dish under the skies. Garnish the dish with thyme and sage. It is different from other turkey dishes because it is cut into equal slices to enjoy the food to the fill and make it easy for the guests to eat.


It is another tasty thanksgiving turkey recipe. By November the shelves of Turkey get filled with the bird. Its recipe is easy to follow.

Step 1: Clean the bird and separate its kin from the breast meat gently. Rub it with lemon juice and sprinkle salt and pepper. Then rub butter all over the meat skin.

Step 2: Mash achiote paste with oil, chopped garlic, cumin, and oregano in a bowl and rub it over the meat. Let it sit and chill it.

Step 3: Now before roasting let it set to room temperature, then preheat it to 450°. You can add veggies inside the cavity of meat. Pour some water into the pan and place the turkey in it. Reduce the temperature to 350° and cook it again. Again reduce the temperature to 150° for 30 minutes. The dish is ready to serve.

Cider-Brined Turkey with Star Anise and Cinnamon

It is a popular Christmas cuisine in which turkey is kept overnight to absorb all the seasons and stay moist. The roasted meat gives the ultimate aroma and taste of turkey. The seasoning techniques and flavors get doubled by the way the dish is presented and served. 

Jerk Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

It is one of the creative Turkey recipes. It is full of flavors and texture that end up with a delicious pie. Below is the recipe.

Step 1: First prepare the dough with flour, salt, and water. Let it sit for 2-3 hours.

Step 2: For brine, add salt in water, boil it and add garlic, thyme, onion, cinnamon sticks, and bay leaves. Chill it. Add water to the pot and lower the turkey in it for 12 hours at least.

Step 3: Now prepare potatoes. Take a saucepan and pour some water, add salt and boil it. Reduce the flame and add potatoes to it. Let them boil and then set aside.

Step 4: Mash potatoes and pour some mixture into them. Stir it well and set it aside. Chill them.

Step 5: Assemble them all. For this, first, clean the breast. Add cloves, chilies, and seasoning in a blender. Rub it all on turkey.

Step 6: Bake Turkey and put the dough on the pie pan with all shredded turkey in it. Put the juice in it as well and add potatoes to it. Now bake it and enjoy.

Tandoori Turkey

As the name suggests, the tandoori turkey has the same seasonings but just a different way of cooking. It is roasted in the roasted bag, unlike other turkey recipes. It gives a moist texture to the skin instead of the crisp. So if you like juicy meat. This recipe is for you. The meat is first marinated with a mixture of spices, yogurt, and citrus. They are mixed together and rub all over the skin. The meat is then put in the bag to cook. It is served with rice.

Porcini Mushroom Turkey with Mushroom Gravy

So if you are a gravy person, this dish is going to be your favorite when it comes to turkey. The roast is given a special taste and aroma with the mushroom sauce. The gravy is cooked in a special way. First, the butter is rubbed all over the turkey skin, and the flavor is given to it. Mushroom sauce is spread all over it to give it a unique taste.

Brined Roast Turkey Breast with Confit Legs

Roast the turkey in a very unique way. Taste is not everything, the presentation of the dish also matters a lot. If you do not like eating the dry bird, try this recipe to change the flavor. Give amazon texture to the meat with a unique aroma. In this cuisine, the breast is brined overnight before it is roasted. The legs of the bird are cooked separately in the fat of the duck that gives it a very juicy texture. 

Lemon-Herb Turkey with Lemon-Garlic Gravy

If you want a very juicy texture of meat, give it lemon flavor. Lemon gives additional aroma and taste to the meat. This turkey dish is made with lemon slices, juice, and zest. The juice penetrates the meat and gives the citrus taste.

Braised Turkey Legs

This dish is one of the most delicious turkey thanksgiving dishes. It takes a lot of basting and brining to make sure that taste is unique and up to expectations. The legs and breasts flavors are cooked separately in it. Different methods were used for both of these. It gives you the ultimate pleasure and best moments to close.