An Amazing Tour to Turkey – Usama Khan

Turkey tour - Usama Khan

The fascination of the historical sites, traditions, culture, and stories of Turkey has made it a perfect place to go on a tour and spend your vacations there. I have been in Turkey for shooting this year with some of my favorite people. My journey started in March 2021 when the weather in Istanbul was very cold. The fully lightened evenings with hustle-bustle in the streets give you a fulfilling time.

Taksim Square Istanbul

I stayed in the Taksim hotel that is situated in the European part of Istanbul. The place is amazing with its famous leisure district, shops, hotels, and restaurants. The place is also considered the heart of modern Istanbul. 

Shooting at Turkey

My shooting in Turkey gave me the opportunity to work with the amazing personalities of Pakistan. I worked with Asif Raza Mir and Hina Khwaja Bayat and learned a lot from them. I cannot forget the experience, beautiful mornings, and the meal with them.

These are some of my pictures with my favorite people:

Blue Mosque

I went to Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which is also known as the Blue Mosque. The beautiful bluish interior of the place is the ultimate attraction of it. I was amazed by the detailed art and design of the mosque. The beautiful weather, the blue-colored and boggling work depths of the mosque gave me a day full of joy. 

Though I had a very busy time in the shooting but spared some time to enjoy the beauty of Istanbul. No regrets!

Bacelo Istanbul Hotel

I love food. Turkey is famous for its amazing meals and cuisines. During my stay at the Barcelo Hotel of Istanbul, I had the best Nutella croissants, some pancakes, and muffins. I can never forget that delicious breakfast and will definitely have it again on my next visit.


The wonderful brands in Turkey force you to shop more and more. All dressed up, with my favorite pair of shoes, these are my photos in the streets of Turkey.

I enjoyed my trip to Istanbul. I hope to roam in more cities in my next visit!