15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Turkey is popular for its mind-blowing sights and places and tourists from all over the world visit different places to close beautiful memories with their loved ones. The vacations in Turkey give you an opportunity to enjoy both historic and modern Turkey places. There are places to visit in southern Turkey. From the Mediterranean seaside resorts to the coast, various tourist attractions in Turkey make your holidays even more exciting and memorable.

Below is the list of the fifteen prettiest places in Turkey: 


It is one of the best places to visit in Turkey. This is the city of classical and huge structures of monuments and buildings. It is the city of the Mediterranean region and gives you the historic feel with its huge buildings of the age of the Roman Empire. The trip to Ephesus gives you the opportunity to explore the ancient time and history of Turkey.

Aya Sofya

It is one of the best places on the Istanbul attractions map. When you visit Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul, this place would be on top of the list to visit. Aya Sofya Museum also known as Hagia Sophia and the blue mosque is one of the beautiful buildings of Turkey. Its exterior and interior both are very unique and have colorful tiles that give you a feel of ancient rich times. It is embellished with delicate minarets and monuments.  

Topkapi Palace

If you are a history lover, this place is going to give you so much fun and happiness. Topkapi Palace is an enriching and fantastic place that gives you the feel of Sultans of the Ottoman Era. From the building structure to the interior, the place is beautifully decorated. The building is surrounded by huge public gardens and the Royal Court is also open for the public.


It is one of the tourist attractions in Turkey, Cappadocia. The rock valleys and cave hotels of this place give the ultimate view to the tourists. It is the best spot for photography. The real beauty of Cappadocia is the hot air balloons that are flying in the sky in hundreds. The panoramic view of pinnacles and rocks form the giant structures as a result of water and wind action. This is the must-see place that you should visit to close the beautiful moments.


It is a famous tourist attraction in Pamukkale, Turkey. It gives the natural wonders of the green landscape and cotton coast. The giant structures of ruins of Roman Hierapolis give the best place for visitors to come and enjoy their vacations.

Mount Nemrut

It is one of the most popular archeological sites in Turkey. It has giant statues scattered all around the place. It also has huge stone heads and sculptures. This is the beautiful place of ancient times and reminds you of the historical events that happened there. 

Sumela Monastery

The place is along the Black Sea Coast and it serves as a beautiful attraction for visitors. The place serves as the religious complex with the dazzling interior of the church. If you are visiting Turkey and want to cover all the religious regions, this place is a must-visit for you.


It is the tourist attraction of Antalya. Aspendos is the classical example of one of the theaters that are still standing and giving out its beauty. The place serves as an attractive valued place by the visitors. 

Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarniçi)

It is one of the prettiest and surprising attractions of Turkey. It is an underground hall with a huge palace-like space. It has 12 rows and 336 columns. The place stored the water supply of the era of the Byzantine emperor. This was a huge project that was finished by the Justinian Emperor but was started by Constantine.


The ancient Hippodrome is the attraction of Turkey and it began in 203 AD. However, there are not any such games or races left but there is a small section available in the walls of the gallery with a wide range of monuments.

Grand Bazaar (Kapali Çarsi)

The grand bazaar of Turkey is one of the most loved and visited places in Turkey. Visitors from all over the world never get back without visiting the colorful bazaar of Turkey. This is a massive market for shopping purposes. People come here and shop for their loved ones. The ornamental items, carpets, and art crafts are the beauty of this bazaar.

Istanbul Archaeology Museum

This museum is just some steps away from the Topkapi Palace so if you visit this place you can get the dual attractions at the same time. The museum is complex and encapsulates beautiful art crafts from all over Turkey. Those pieces of art depict the story of Turkey and become great attractions for visitors. 

Süleymaniye Mosque

Süleymaniye Mosque is one of the most popular landmarks of Istanbul. This was built for Süleyman between 1549 and 75. The design and interior of this mosque are very unique and notable. There is a beautiful Ottoman cemetery just outside the garden area of the Palace. That place used to be the home of the wife of Süleyman.

Dolmabahçe Palace

The sumptuous Dolmabahçe Palace is one of the top attractions of Turkey. It demonstrates the giant architecture and its decoration of the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century. In 1854, Sultan Abdülmecid built this structure. It also used to be the residence of Sultans. There are giant formal gardens with fountains, flower beds, greenery, and ornamental basins. The interior of the place is very attractive and unique. The embellishments of this Palace are a mixture of Ottoman, Baroque, Rococo, and Neoclassical elements. There are beautiful crystal chandeliers decorated in the Palace with Fresh-style furniture and detailed ceilings.

Yedikule Fortress (Yedikule Hisari)

This fortress was built by Emperor Theodosius II in the 5rth century. The giant structure made the defensive walls of Constantinople. The doors of the fortress are gold-plated and give a unique attraction to the interior of the place. When the city was conquered by the Ottomans, the fortress was then used for defense purposes which after some time became the prison and the place of execution.