10 Things to Know Before you Travel to Turkey

travel to turkey

Hey travelers!

Are you planning your next trip to beautiful Turkey?

Here are some important Turkey travel tips to follow on your visit. Before traveling to Turkey, you must know some things that could be helpful for you and even you can enjoy much more by knowing them. So first thing first, Turkey is one of the most visited countries in the world. People from all across the world come to visit the beautiful culture, traditions, architecture, history, and modern life of Turkey. In this Turkey travel blog, you will be able to know some Turkey tips that will help you throughout your tour.


Weather is of course the most important thing to consider before you travel anywhere. When it comes to Turkey visit, the weather depends on the part of Turkey you will be visiting. Turkey is spread across the topography of two continents so you might feel totally opposite weather in the other continent. The weather of Turkey ranges from the dry climate to hot summers to snowy and cold winters. The Northeastern side of Turkey is very cold, the center part in which Cappadocia is located is relatively desert hot whereas the Mediterranean region has hot summer and mild winters.

In Turkey, summers could even reach 100F but still, there is so much to do for fun. If you are going to visit Turkey in summer, then you must keep the following things with you.

  • Sunscreen
  • UC umbrellas
  • And so many bottles of water

Still, there is a time for instance between 12 PM to 5 PM the heat becomes truly unbearable, especially in Cappadocia and Ephesus. Similarly, winters could be much colder in certain parts of Turkey. From November to March, the tourism season gets low. During May and April, the season is in full bloom. It is not that hot at that time and is considered the high peak season for the tourists to enjoy. Also, September and October is a great time to go to Turkey. 

Dress in Turkey

You might have chosen the best of the dresses for vacationing in Turkey. From culture to political aspects, Turkey is very diverse. So you will find women weaning almost all kinds of dresses. From jeans and shorts to the ones that have covered everything other than their eyes. Kayseri is the part of Turkey that is considered conservative whereas some other places such as Izmir would not be less than Los Angeles. So you can end up bringing all types of dresses, from conservative clothes that you might also need to wear while visiting the mosques and the summery clothes for the beach and open areas.

Currency in Turkey

The Turkish currency is Lira. in the past few years, we have noticed so many changes in this value. One Turkish Lira at the moment is equal to 0.12 US Dollars. As a Turkey guide, you should keep the currency with yourself according to the time you have decided to stay in Turkey. 


Turkish cuisine is highly influenced by Ottoman cuisine. You will find an amazing menu at the cafes, small and big restaurants in Turkey. One thing to notice is that the Turkish food is not very spicy. It is saltier. The major flavors and spices include red chilis, black pepper, paprika, olive oil, yogurt, cumin, and paprika.

So if you are planning your visit to Turkey, you must try some of the popular dishes and desserts of Turkey which include Baklava, Lokum, Dolma, Kebab, Corba soup, Turkish Coffee and tea, and Kunefe.

Use Public Transportation

To navigate across the places, you can take help from public transportations as well. You will find buses and trains. They both are very comfortable, cheap, and also offer free snacks. You can find the places you want to visit and link them with the routes of public transportation to save many Liras.

Mosque Etiquette

Very important.

You will find so many big and small mosques in Turkey as it is an Islamic country. You will hear the voice of Ezan (call to prayer) five times a day. So if you are visiting a mosque, one of Turkey’s tips is to make sure that you remove shoes before entering. It is important to get modestly dressed if you want to enter the mosque which means no shorts, no sleeveless dresses, and no short skirts. Also, the women should have to cover their heads with a scarf.


Turks welcome visitors so you won’t be disappointed by the hospitality of Turkish people. You would love how they communicate and sometimes yes they ask a few questions about your personal life. So instead of ignoring it, the best way is to keep a good smile on your face.

Keep Your Devices Charged

It is very important to keep the devices charged when you are on a trip. So you might spend the whole day at beaches or in shopping malls or enjoying water parks. Keep the power banks with you so that your phones are always on when you need them.

Wifi is not for Foreigners

You might not find free WiFi in Turkey. Even the Istanbul airport does not offer this. The best way to get through this is to get a SIM card. You can accordingly have internet packages on it to get the best internet service at all places in Turkey.

Turkish Tea and Coffee

You must have heard about Turkish coffee, its aroma, and its flavors. There are different types of Turkish coffee that you will find in various street cafes and restaurants. Similarly, Turkish tea is Turkey’s national pastime. Turks drink more tea as compared to other parts of the world. Each tea spot follows new techniques and types of tea or coffee that you’ll be amazed by the rich flavors. The aroma of coffee in the streets of Turkey would take you to the other world. Offer of tea or coffee is a common approach of Turkish hospitality.