Top 5 Trekking Routes in Turkey

Trekking routes in Turkey

With the beautiful sights and historic places, mountains, and national parks, Turkey is popular for its beautiful trekking routes in the world. The hiking trails and adventurous time gives you the ultimate view and travel experience. Away from daily routine life, take out some time for yourself, plan a long walk, and discover attractive sights.

Hiking routes are real fun. It is the best thing you can plan out with your friends and family to refresh yourself and spend some quality time that you’ll never forget. All you need to do is pack your bag, put some munching stuff and a water bottle in it, a towel, and yes lots of energy!

This article describes some best hiking trails around Turkey. It gives you an overview of the trekking routes of Turkey, the distance they cover, and the difficulty level of hiking. You can choose any that is near to your area and give you the sights you are looking for.

St. Paul Trail

The hiking route suits you if you are in Antalya. Saint Paul Trail is a waymarked trail from Perge. If we look at the difficulty rating of this route it is 4 out of 5. The trail is 10 km east of Antalya to Yalvac. The distance of the route is about 500 km. the route gives very attractive views and you can even stop in between to take some rest and get yourself ready to start again. 

It is always better to keep some water and stuff for eating in between. With the trail, you will see mountains and the lakes that give the ultimate view you came for. There are some village homestays that you will see in the route, some nature parks, and a Roman road. So if you are in Antalya and planning a trekking adventure with your friends, St. Paul Trail is the best choice for you.

Lycian Way

Lycian Way is the iconic trekking route that could be your first choice of trekking in Turkey. If you love water, the place is for you. The difficulty level of the route is less that is 3 out of 5. The track covers a total distance of 509 km. The crystal blue turquoise waters and the green nature of the Mediterranean region give you an attractive view and demonstrate the ancient times. The adventurous trail is everything you need. Though the distance is a little bit more but with great sights and less difficulty level you can easily cross it. 

Lycian Way

The route stretches from Fethiye to Antalya. This route is considered one of the top ten walks of the world that goes around the coast of Lycia associated with the southern side of Turkey. This is the walking that combines the coastal with ancient sites and gives you the best trekking experience out of all the trekking routes of the world.

Kackar Trails

This is one of the most versatile trekking routes with 32 trails and takes from hours to several days when it comes to completing the route. It is one of the most difficult trekking routes that are given 5 out of 5 ratings with the difficulty level. The route could take even 30 days to complete due to its recorded distance of 4000 kilometers. The route is your choice if you are actually looking for an adventurous trekking experience with your friends and want achievement to cross it.

Kackar Trails

The route is between Yusufeli in northeastern and the Camlihemsin. The trekking gives you a one-in-all view of the network of mountains all around, churches, and some village stays. On this route, make sure you have enough stuff to survive with. Keep every possible thing with you that could help in trekking. From aid box to food and water to clothes, make a complete bag that could give you courage on this long walk.

Evliya Celebi Way

This route is also considered one of the long-distance routes of Turkey. Evliya Celebi Way covers a distance of 1200 km. the route has a difficulty level of 5 out of 5. Along with the walkers, the route suits horseriders. Somewhere in between when you feel like losing your energy, you will find some horsemen between the quotes to give you a ride and help you reach your destination. 

The trekking route of Evliya Celebi Way covers Istanbul to Kütahya. The oldest route celebrated its 400th birthday in 2011. The route gives you a view of ancient times, the historic city of Kütahya, some homes of Evliya’s ancestral, and the ancient provinces of Phrygia and Bithynia.

Yenice Forest Trail

The last but most easy trekking route of Turkey is Yenice Forest Trail. It has the least difficulty level of 2 out of 5 that you can enjoy with a very short distance of 396 kilometers. The route is suitable for you if you are visiting with your family. There are 21 alternatives for this trekking route. You can cover the trekking route in some 2 to 3 days. The trail follows the route of dissecting Yenice that is a woodland area on the northern side of Turkey.

This trekking route is easily accessible from Ankara and Istanbul so you can catch it if you live there. The route is suitable for biking and horseriding as well. On the way to hiking, you will be looking at the historic town of Safranbolu and some forests.

So whenever you are looking to go on an adventure of Turkey trekking routes, these mentioned trails are a must option for you to explore. These vary according to the distance and the difficulty level that you can easily select considering the squad you are with. Hold up your maps with you on the longer routes, some good amount of food, and full energy levels to enjoy this adventurous life event.