Turkey in December: Travel Budget & Tourist Seasons

Turkey in December: Travel budget & tourist seasons

Turkey is ranked 6th as the world’s most visited country. Its rich history, architecture, and scenic views attract tourists from all over the world.

Tourism in Turkey goes around all year, with each season contributing to the breathtaking splendor of the country’s natural wonders. Spring, Autumn, Summer, and Winter each have their own distinct characteristics, rituals, and atmospheric changes that contribute to Turkey’s booming tourist industry.

Tourist Seasons

Spring is the busiest season for tourists. The months of March to June provide mild weather, drawing more people. During this peak vacation season, boutique hotels are fully booked, and expenses increase as well. Autumn comes in second place, with prices being high but weather remaining mild-moderate. From mid-September until October, hotels in Istanbul and Cappadocia are heavily booked; however, crowds at beach resorts are fewer. The hot Summer months of Mid-June to Mid-September in Turkey draw tourists to beach resorts and coastline. Prices rise in those areas, but cities stay less crowded. The months in Winter from November to February, there are fewer tourists thus the prices are less and the crowds smaller. 

Turkey In December

Turkey offers beautiful spots to visit in the winter months. There are a handful of reasons why you should plan your vacation to Turkey in December! 


In December, there aren’t many tourists in Turkey, and the expenses because of less tourism fall. Hotels and tour firms, including the most luxurious hotels, offer excellent offers, at reasonable prices. As a result, in December, you may get more for less.

Furthermore, because there are fewer visitors, there are fewer crowds, and you can visit the most attractive spots without having to wait in a queue.

Scenic Views

Turkey, the land of ancient history and breathtaking views gets a lot more mesmerizing during the winter months. The country gets covered under the snow blanket and the less crowded cities offer you a more inclusive stay. The fresh snow adds a magical charm to the place and the snow-capped peaks in the mountainous lands are a sight to behold.

What To Consider For Travelling In December?

While traveling in December you must consider the weather conditions and pack your clothes as per them. Also, it is a great tip to find out which places are closed in the month so you can plan your sightseeing accordingly.

There are a number of places that you must visit in December to collect tons of memories.

Places To Go

There are many places to visit in December. The chilly and windy weather and slight snowfall make the places more serene. The most famous places to visit are

  • Seaside 
  • Ski Resorts
  • Istanbul
  • Cappadocia 
  • Kars and Ancient Ani


A number of small hotels and resorts are closed during the winter until spring, however, the luxurious hotels and resorts remain open all year round. These big resorts offer a number of activities for the visitors. The most popular region is between Kemer and Alanya. In December, the region has well-developed amenities and allows you to engage in a range of activities rather than simply relaxing in the hotel.

Ski Resorts 

Turkey is well-known for its snowboarding and skiing opportunities. Kayseri, Uludağ, and Palandöken are the most well-known ski resorts in Turkey. These resorts provide paths for even the most inexperienced skiers, and their all-inclusive hotels welcome everyone.


In winters you can take advantage of the far less crowded landscapes, meet locals and sink in the beauty of this beautiful city. Istanbul is home to a number of ancient sites, palaces, bazaars, historical museums, and mosques. The intricate architecture and the tall fortresses retell the history of this magnificent city. 

While in Istanbul go for a Bosphorus tour and listen to your guide, opt for food tours, and go shopping, as at that time there are a lot of ongoing holiday discounts and sales. 


Cappadocia attracts a large number of visitors between April and October, but the scenery here is most stunning in winter when the Fairy Chimney formations are capped with a layer of snow.

The greatest way to see the inter-connected valleys, teeming with hoodoo rocks and prickly cones, in all their white grandeur is from the hot-air balloon ride. 

Kars and Ancient Ani

Kars is a famous winter vacation spot in Turkey. Its rising popularity originates from the fact that it is the closest place to stay if you wish to visit Lake Çıldır and the numerous other tourist spots in the northeast.

Ani, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the most well-known tourist hotspot nearby. It is a sight to behold no matter what time of year you visit. However, it is more beautiful in the winter when its structures are powdered with snow.

All these sites offer breathtaking views during the winter months under the snow blanket. Don’t forget to include them in your list when you set up a vacation plan for Turkey in December.