Turkey Tour Packages from Pakistan 2021

Turkey Tour Packages from Pakistan 2021

Turkey is a country whose economy is based upon tourism, playing an important role in its growth. Turkey is ranked among the top 10 countries that enjoy tourism from the European states, especially Germany and Russia. It is a famous destination for many tourists because of its beautiful landscapes, rich history, and traditions. 

Turkey has a brotherly relation with Pakistan, and due to this, Turkey is getting a lot of tourism from Pakistan. There are a lot of Turkey tour packages from Pakistan available for booking with various travel agencies. These travel agencies either have pre-planned packages or the customers can even customize them according to their choices. 

How Much Does it Cost to Visit Turkey From Pakistan?

To visit Turkey from Pakistan requires a person to obtain a visa first, which costs around PKR 10,000. Many people ask whether they can get a visa-free or a visa on arrival entry into Turkey, and the answer is no. This is because Pakistan is not on the list for any of these types of entries in the state. Although obtaining a visa is simple and you can receive it from the Turkish embassy in Pakistan within 7 to 14 days. An air ticket can cost around PKR 50 to 60K for a return. If you are traveling alone, you can reduce the cost by choosing to stay in cheap hotels or even rent a hostel for the nights. 

If you are carrying Dollars or Euros, then you are at an advantage as the conversion to Liras can benefit you in your trip due to its low value. Hotels and other local tour operators may charge you in Dollars or Euros but for meals. However, Turkish Liras will be used in local airfare and using public transport.

Types of Turkey Tour Packages:

Travel agencies across Pakistan offer various types of tour packages to their customers. Considering your pocket and expense, choose one package that suits you the most. If you are choosing a ready-made plan, then keep in mind that you can become time-bound and there is less to alter. You have to follow the plan which is designed for you. On the other hand, if you make your own plan, you are free to explore around and do anything you like. 

Group vs Personal Packages

There are group packages and personal packages. A group package comprises a lot of people traveling together. If you like socializing, then this is the perfect plan for you. Whereas, a personal package is designed for you in which you go with your family or friends only. If you want your privacy, then select a personal package that suits you.

Honeymoon Package

If you are planning a honeymoon then the perfect country to spend it in is none other than Turkey. You can check for the best Turkey couple packages from Pakistan and make the tour special for your loved one. The packages may include several wonderful places you can spend your days in, which are Cappadocia, Istanbul, Antalya, Marmaris, Princes’ Island, and many more. 

Many agencies also offer 7-day Turkey tour packages from Pakistan. These packages include a one-week trip and shortlist the important places to visit. The packages are pre-planned and can be changed upon your request. Some of these packages include a 7-day tour to Istanbul, a 7-day tour to Istanbul and Antalya, a 7-day tour to Istanbul, Antalya, and Cappadocia, and many more. How much does a trip to Turkey cost from Pakistan? The costs can vary according to the packages you select. They can start from PKR 60K and can go up to more than 200K. Many agencies also offer a combined Umrah and Turkey package from Karachi in 2021.

Konya and Ankara

If you’re looking for the cheapest Turkey tour packages from Pakistan, then cities like Konya and Ankara are the best places to visit. Ankara is the capital city of Turkey and is a very popular tourist destination. Being a center of all government buildings, educational institutes, business enterprises, and foreign embassies, Ankara is considered one of the world’s most modern cities. Konya on the other hand is a historical city in Turkey. 

During the time of the Seljuks’ rule, Konya was the capital of the Anatolian region. The main attractions of this city are the Seljuk architecture, including the Allaedin Mosque and the ruins of Seljuk Palace. Hence visiting these cities is perfect for you if choosing the cheapest packages. 

Flights from Pakistan fly straight to Istanbul nearly every day and it takes 5 to 7 hours to reach there. Just recently the Turkish government had lifted its travel restrictions for Pakistan and this is good news for us all.