Covid 19 – Turkey Travel Updates

Turkey Travel Updates

The tourism industry has suffered a lot during this pandemic situation. Turkey, one of the most popular destinations, closed its borders for tourists in March with the first coronavirus case. From restaurants and public transport to amusement parks and Mosques, everything was closed. Then, a ray of hope came in June. Life seemed to come back in full glory. Turkey began welcoming travelers from around the globe.

The country became the hottest tourist spot and won the hearts of people due to amazing hospitality. Now, as the world prepares to battle the second coronavirus wave, the Turkish Government has taken some necessary steps to protect its citizens. Let’s see the coronavirus measures that the Turkish government has put into effect! 

New COVID Restrictions in Turkey

President Erdogan has imposed a new curfew with immediate effect.  Every weekend, there will be a general curfew from Friday, following Turkish time 9 PM to Monday 5 AM. Sectors including businesses, malls, eateries will follow the same rules. However, home delivery service providers will continue with regular timings.

Tourist Spots:

  • House gatherings and New Year celebrations have been banned due to COVID-19. This is the most saddening news for 2020. We know you have plans to celebrate new year’s eve in Turkey but health comes first!
  • Traditional Turkish baths, massage centers, amusement parks, and other tourist spots will follow the guidelines.
  • There will be restrictions on wedding gatherings as well. Gatherings of more than 30 people at a time are banned. For those of you planning a dream wedding in Turkey, this is probably not the ideal time.
  • Every tourist has to install an app to get the Electronic HES (Hayat Eve Sığar”) code. This code is provided by the Ministry of Health. It determines the number of tourists at the spot and their health factors.
  • Students applying for universities in Turkey, we have news for you. You will be participating in online classes as educational institutions also fall in the category of COVID-19 restrictions. This has already begun in the capital of Turkey, Ankara, and the metropolitan city of Istanbul.

Turkey’s take on COVID-19 Vaccine

To fight COVID-19, President Erdogan said, ‘’We can only reduce its effect by minimizing human mobility in Turkey.’’ 

With the winter season approaching, flu, cold, and fever cases are increasing due to which health departments are getting occupied rapidly. This is an alarming situation in Turkey and other affected countries. However, the Health Ministry is very active and has the much-needed expertise in handling pandemic situations. They have reached an agreement with China to import 50 million COVID vaccines. These vaccines will be provided free of cost to healthcare departments and the citizens of Turkey.  

President Erdogan has also requested tourists to act responsibly and co-operate with governing bodies.

Tourists in Turkey are required to take the following steps:

  • Use only airlines following COVID-19 necessary SOPs.
  • Sanitize your hands and wear a mask at all times during the flight. 
  • Do not disagree with authorities on hand-carry weightage. Currently, only 4 KG is allowed which passengers need during their flights. Aviation departments have also set respective limitations that passengers are requested to follow strictly.
  • Upon landing, please listen carefully to the instructions of the cabin crew and leave your seat upon calling your row number.
  • At the airport, your body temperature will be monitored. If it is normal, a mobility ban will be lifted. If symptoms appear, you will be requested to isolate yourself for 14 days and receive immediate medical attention. Another option will be to leave for your respective country on the next available plane. 
  • When checking into hotels, your temperature will be monitored. The hotel management has to follow ‘’Healthy Tourism Laws’’. These laws are for the safety and health of tourists visiting Turkey during COVID-19.

The hotel management has to follow specific rules such as cleaning rooms after every visit with proper disinfecting technologies. Bed-spreads, towels are to be washed at high temperatures and staff should preferably use disposable materials. Staff coming in direct contact with visitors have to take special measures by wearing gloves, masks and sanitizing their hands after touching every suitcase. Things coming into direct contact with customers such as remote controls, doorknobs are to be disinfected thoroughly. You can check the Turkish Ministry of Tourism approved COVID-19 safety check hotels by clicking the following link:

  • While using local transport in Turkey, wear your mask and sit with the gap of a seat from other passengers. Most metro stations have installed thermal body scanners. You can monitor your body temperature without getting in contact with other people. Disinfectant dispensers are there for tourists, so feel free to use them in Turkey. It is advised to maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters in public.

Stay tuned for more amazing Turkish tourism updates. Let us know what’s next on your bucket list!