Turkey Weather and Climate Changes 2021

Turkey Weather

Turkey is a blessed country with perfect weather conditions throughout the year. Turks enjoy all types of weather. They have hot summer, the blossom season of spring, Autumn when life seems slow, and the season of hot Turkish tea and sweaters i.e. winter!

Due to variations in weather, Turkey is at top of the list of tourists. People love to enjoy summer vacations on Antalya beach. During winter, Cappadocia becomes a real-life fairyland. Thousands of visitors around the globe plan their holidays to see the massive snowfall here. Turkey, the land of Tulips has many flower exhibitions and entertainment shows in spring as a celebration. 

Let’s see the seasonal types of Turkey!

Spring Season in Turkey

Spring is the prime time for tourist activities in Turkey. Three months March, April, May are in full swing here. Temperature moderates from low to high degrees. In the daytime, it’s 20-23 degrees celsius. While nights are cooler. Temperature varies from 10-15 degrees celsius. It’s the best time to travel to Turkey if you can’t tolerate hot weather. There will be pleasant weather making everything perfect for a holiday.

Turkey’s weather is in full blossom during the spring season. Fruits such as pomegranates, figs, apricots, cherries are ripened and ready to eat. These fruits are sweet in taste and one of the best quality fruits exported to the world from here. Many new seeds are plowed, as it’s considered the most favorable time of the year to grow new plants. Especially, tulips fields are a must to visit. It gives such a soothing effect on the eyes. It’s the cheerful weather for the birds too. Not only humans, animals, and birds, every living organism enjoys spring!

March is sometimes rainy. Hotels are fully booked. So, book your hotels before time. As we don’t want you to suffer at the last moment!

Summer Season in Turkey 

The summer season is one of the warmest weather in Turkey. Starting from June, reaching its peak and ending in August. No doubt Turkey looks stunning even in harsh weather as many summer activities begin here. There are many Turkish festivals happening in the summer. There are many indoor and outdoor activities held to engage tourists. Such as paragliding, sailing, swimming, and surfing. 

In summer, the temperature rises up to 30 degrees celsius. So, most afternoons are avoided to go out. But the evening is best to spend some ‘’me time’’ on the beach and nightlife is young. There is no limit!

One thing should be kept in mind. Turkey is the sixth most visited destination in the world. As everybody has summer vacations here, summer is fully packed in Turkey. Cruise routes, seaside resorts, huts are booked in advance. Prices are raised. It’s better to do research before and get rooms at cheaper rates.

Autumn Season in Turkey 

Autumn is a good choice to explore Turkey. The Autumn season begins in September. Days are longer and nights become shorter. During the day temperature is 25 degrees celsius while nights are chill as the temperature goes down to 12 degrees celsius. 

If you have a photographic nature and camera is your best buddy, then you don’t need to think twice for visiting Turkey in the Summer season. The greens are turning into reddish feels. Life is turning low. There will be plenty of crumpled leaven in the gardens. Walk on them, get amused by the sounds of leaves. The green tones are turned into yellowish and red telling the creativity of the supreme creator Allah Almighty!

In the Autumn season, Turkey offers festivals such as music nights and food festivals. Adana festival is a renowned culinary festival. In which tourists from different parts of the world show their culinary skills. How about visiting this festival and learning new gastronomical skills from locals? Definitely, It would be awesome!

Winter Season in Turkey 

The snowy season is the most favorite of ski sports activities lovers. You can see the monuments covered in snow. Locals are covered in layers to stay warm. Long coats and boots are high in demand. How can we forget the Turkish Kava! The popular tea’s consumption raises to another level.

Turkey’s life is never dull. Even in severe winters, there are fun activities going on for the adventure seekers. You Can enjoy skiboarding, skating and hiking as well. It depends all upon your fitness level!

From December to February, the temperature keeps on falling below the freezing point. The days and nights are equally cold. Turks enjoy Red Lentil soup for maintaining necessary healthy measures. These are very nutritious and have many benefits. 

Whenever you plan a trip to Turkey, keep in mind the seasonal and climatic changes happening throughout the year. They have major impacts on hotel reservation rates and other entertainment sources. For example, in Winters, ski activities are higher in demand. Due to this, ski resorts have doubled the charges. 

We are very thankful to our readers who enjoy exploring Turkey with us. We hope you will be getting benefits in planning your holidays in Turkey. Stay hooked for more amazing stuff!