10 Mouthwatering Turkish Street Foods

Turkish Street Foods

From its distinct topography to diverse and colorful cultures and traditions, Turkey has everything to experience. Like this, the country’s cuisines and delights are also famous all around the world. If you are planning on spending a vacation in this colorful country, then you should not be missing what Turkish street food has to offer. There is a wide variety of Turkey’s popular traditional foods. From their famous Turkish bread to Kebabs, one could satisfy his taste buds while trying these famous cuisines.

Whether you are a local or tourist visiting the country, young or old, street food in Turkey is appealing for all. 

Here is a list of the 10 mouth watering street foods in Turkey that will make you feel spoiled.

Kağıt Helva:

One of Turkey’s Traditional foods is the Kağıt Helva, a pure delight for children. This scrumptious treat is a wafer made from chocolate, caramel, coconut strawberry, and filled with condensed milk. Every Turkish person has a childhood memory, involving his parents buying them the Kağıt Helva.

Islak Burger:

A juicy meatloaf stuffed with tomato sauces between the bread, Islak Burger is one of the most famous street foods in Turkey. This delicious burger is mostly eaten when you are exploring the city area and in need of a quick fix to your growling stomach. Islak Burger is the one meal for you that will fulfill all your cravings.


One of the most popular foods in Turkey is the döner and there is a street food version of it in the likes of a Durum. Durum is a Turkish wrap, seasoned with vegetables and sauces and stuffed with either a choice of chicken, beef, or lamb. Durum means thin slices of meat rolled up in Lavash bread which is then filled with salad and cheese to add a unique flavor to the dish.


If you are shortlisting what to eat from the lively streets of Turkey, then Kokorec is a must-try. This street food features a mass of sheep intestines, wrapped in a loaf of bread. Seasoned with salt and grease, it is then grilled over fire. Kokorec looks very unique at the first glance but upon taking a bite, it will make you eat more.


A Turkish street food list is incomplete without discussing this sumptuous dish. Known for seasonings and a variety of flavored toppings, Kumpir is made up of baked potatoes topped with cheese, corn, carrots, peas, and mayonnaise salad. You can have this super tasty dish by having it customized with toppings of your own choice and taste. Kumpir is a street food you should not be missing.


If you are looking for some food to indulge the foodie in you, then Simit should be tried in Turkey. This Turkish bagel is a round bread made from molasses and covered in various types of seeds like flax seeds, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds. This super soft and crunchy bread is a wholesome meal completed with a cup of Turkish tea.

Midye Dolma:

Midye Dolma is a seafood dish comprising half-shelled Mussels served with spicy herb rice juiced with lemon. They may look very intimidating but are very easy to prepare. Mostly found on every other kiosk, this is a widely eaten street food in Istanbul and is loved by both locals and tourists alike. The vendor keeps refilling your plate until you become full and ask him to stop.


In the Turkish language, Lahmacun means dough. It is a Turkish pizza baked and topped with minced meat, vegetables, tomatoes, onions, and a variety of spices. This is popular street food in cities like Istanbul. You can get this pizza customized according to your taste and desires.

Tavuk Pilav:

Tavuk Pilav is simply a street food featuring butter rice and chicken breast topped with chickpeas. Some people also like to mix it with tomato sauce.

Balık Ekmek:

Balık Ekmek is the thing that comes to mind when talking about Turkish street food. In the local language, Balık Ekmek translates to fish and bread respectively. It is a type of sandwich, made of bun with grilled white fish fillet. It is mostly served with lettuce, onions and assorted vegetables. It is a famous dish in Istanbul’s Eminönü square and Bosphorus shore. Balık Ekmek is a must-eat when you are spending your vacations in Turkey.