Turkish Van Cat Breed Information and Characteristics

Turkish Van Cat

The Turkish van (pronounced “von”) is a Turkish cat breed that naturally occurs in the mountains of Turkey. It is a semi-long-haired beautiful creation that is considered the regional treasures of Turkey. Van is white colored with gold eyes, a strong and heavy body, and most noticeable, it has an affinity for water. Turkish van cat loves its owners and is very friendly. It has an active and playful nature. It is one of the breeds of cats that can swim in the water, it is also sometimes called the Turkish water cat.


The body of the Turkish van cat is firm and large. It is of white color. Due to the different colored spots on its head and van patterns, it is named as a van cat. Their tale is also of the same solid color. The coat of Turkish van cats is single coated and medium-long. It is easy to maintain and very soft. It easily gets dry after it gets wet in water, however, that might make it difficult for them to bathe. The weight of male cats is around 20 pounds. They have strong muscles that make them the ultimate athlete when it comes to swimming and jumping. They are also called Turkish swimming cats. Their eyes are round in shape in blue, amber, or a color combination of both. They have wedge-shaped heads and medium-sized ears. Turkish van has white in color. The Turkish kittens jump and play a lot. 

Breed characteristics

The height of Turkish vans ranges from 10 to 14 inches. They live from 12 to 17 years. They get involved with families, children, and other cats very soon. They have a social kind of temperament and used to be very friendly around human beings. They are so intelligent that you can train them in sports, play with toys, and understand things very much. They have long coat lengths and have solid patterns all over their body. 

Living Nature

Turkish vans are very lively creatures. They do not suffer from the anxiety of getting separated and usually live well in a single-pet household. They love playing with kids but as they jump vigorously so care has to be taken for kids that they do not hold them forcefully. Turkish vans are energetic cats that love to jump to the highest place around you. He loves to run, play in the water, and get all the toys to play actively with them.

Real swimmers 

Turkish Vans are very intelligent. If you want to initiate games with them, they will support you with it. You can train them on many sports and walks. They love jumping and running so you can involve them in such activities and they will help you, excite and give you happiness throughout.

They know how to be petted. They love lying down near you. However, they are not the breed that loves to be in your arms all the time. They like playing and living closer to you but not ‘on’ you. Also, when they jump or play, keep expensive things in the cupboard, locked. The reason is that when they jump, you would have no idea where they will be running and what they will be ruining. So be careful.

One important and big fact about Turkish vans is that they are great swimmers. They love to play with water. In the house, you will find them in toilets playing with water and splashing. Outdoor, they would love to swim in pools and lakes.

Health and Care

Turkish vans shed in some seasons. For instance, during the warmer months, they shed the coat and it becomes thinner. Whereas their coat gets thicker during winters. However, aside from this, these creatures are easy to maintain. You can hit them with a slicker brush to make them look glossy, fresh, and sharp. 

When it comes to the health of the Turkish van, you would be happy to know that this naturally occurring breed does not have any genetic issues or health-related defects. However, it is always important to keep track of their diet so that they do not get very fat in their old years. Also, as they are large in size, it is better to consult with the vet about neutering or spay procedures for them to balance their hormone levels and keep their muscles and body unaffected from such changes.

If you are feeling interested and want to buy one, you can look for the Turkish van cat prices on some pet websites. There you will find some kittens vans and van cats available for sale.