Explore Turkey with Faizan Ul Haq: Part 2 – Visiting Ancient City, Cappadocia

Hot Air Ballooning with Faizan

After saying my goodbyes to Antalaya, I started my voyage towards the ancient city of Cappadocia by road. It was 574 Km and a 7 hours long journey, and during that there was a lot to explore and adore the beauty of the Turkish land.

Cappadocia is a historical city which lies in the center of Anatolia. It is famous for its ‘Fairy Chimneys’, tall cone shaped rock mountains spread all across the land. These mountains have many caves inside them, in which communities were settled during the old times having houses, churches, large kitchens and schools. Now these rocks are famous for Luxury Cave Hotels and sightseeing. The land is also famous for Hot Air Ballooning, Turkish carpets and pottery.

During Road Travel:

The Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel:

Ancient City Sightseeing:

Fairy Chimneys:

Underground City:

Hot Air Ballooning:

Saying Farewell to Cappadocia:

Cappadocia was an amazing city to explore around. It was an adventurous experience and something one would remember for a long time. The final day here was a beautiful one as I got to see the best thing this city is famous for, Hot Air Ballooning. Unfortunately my booking was cancelled at the final hour but it was great seeing the blue sky filled with colors from below. The tour didn’t end here, and next I was flying to Istanbul which I was excited for.