What is Turkey Famous for?

What is Turkey Famous for

Turkey has gained extreme hype in the past decade. The beauty of Turkey is undeniable and this is the reason that tourists from all across the globe choose Turkey to enjoy their vacations and spend quality time with their loved ones. Turkey is also known for its economic stability in the past few years. The famous people of Turkey, the characters, and the actors have also played a critical role in the Turkish economy. 

Turkish drama serials are gaining popularity not only in Asia but also in other corners of the world. It has the cultural heritage that keeps the history always live in the hearts of their people. The huge historical structures and buildings are still praised. This article describes some facts about Turkey, the beautiful places, historic timeline, food, and many similar attractions that make Turkey the first priority for visitors. 

So let’s go through all the attractions and famous hotspots of Turkey that have become the center of attraction for the visitors. 


One of Turkey’s famous places is Istanbul. It is known as the hub of the historic structures of Turkey with the center of attractions which include shopping hotspots, Blue Mosque, and Grand Bazaar. The place is full of attractive points that demonstrate the entire beauty of the country. Istanbul has taken the shape of a modern city and has the base of well-renowned brands. People visit and shop to their fill while enjoying the top Turkish restaurants in Istanbul. The beautiful evenings make the walk amazing in the streets of Turkey.

Grand Bazaar

Turkey is famous for shopping. Turkey’s most famous shopping mart is the Grand Bazaar. If you like shopping, this place is going to hold your breath. This place is a clear demonstration of Turkish art and crafts, traditions, and culture. There are more than 4,000 shops in the bazaar and this is the old market that is no less than a historic treasure for locals and global tourists.

Spice Bazaar

If you love food and the unique taste of spice in them, the place is going to be heaven for you. You can visit the spice bazaar alongside the grand bazaar of Turkey. It is one of the famous markets of Turkey that has a wide range of spices, fruits, nuts, tea, coffee, desserts, and many souvenirs that tourists can easily buy on a budget.


Ephesus is famous as it was the biggest center of trade in Turkey. Businessmen all across the world use to come here for their business dealings. The local and global tourists come to Ephesus to get amused by the biggest historic architectures the place is holding. The old ruins of the place become a center of attraction for the tourists.


It is the most beautiful place in Turkey and visitors never return back before enjoying the beauty of hundreds of hot air balloons in the panorama view of Cappadocia. There are various cave houses, colorful aircraft, and a breathtaking view that attracts visitors. The experience of Cappadocia is unforgettable. 

Seaside Resort Towns 

Turkey is famous for its seaside resort towns. Other than the cultural landmarks of the country, the seaside resorts of Turkey which include Alanya, Marmaris, and Bodrum are loved by everyone who visits them. There are various five-star resorts, fishing villages, and local points that give the ultimate quality time to enjoy. 

Turkish Tea and Coffee

Turkish tea and coffee are of huge popularity. You can find them in luxurious hotels and even in the street cafes and stalls of Turkey. It is a rule of etiquette to offer to someone in Turkey. Other than their own produced tea, you can find a wide range of coffee. Turkish coffee is made from special methods. The coffee seeds are also different from the brewing method that give a unique aroma and taste of thick coffee. 

Turkish Food

Turkish food and meat cuisines are very famous. Tourists all across the world enjoy a wide range of Turkish kebabs such as Iskender kebab, Adana kebab, and kofte. Seafood is also very famous in Turkey. There are various other dishes that are served and taste very good in Turkish restaurants and even the local street cafes. Turkish cheese and cuisines are loved by the foody people. One most important thing about Turkish food is that you would be able to find a variety of stuff under one cuisine or dish.


Baklava is the most popular and loved Turkish delight. It is a layered pastry filled with sweet juice and enriched with nuts and crests. The different combination of Baklava with dry fruits gives a unique taste. The exclusive Baklava of pistachio is the original Turkish Baklava that has layers of crushed pistachio in it and dipped in the syrup.

Turkish Delights

A wide variety of Turkish delights attract tourists. The arrangement, colors, aroma, and sweetness make the Turkish market stand out. If you visit the Spice Bazaar of Istanbul, you would be able to see a variety of Turkish delights and sweets and can buy in bulk if you are on a budget.

Turkish Carpets and Towels

Turkey produces high-quality carpets and towels that visitors love and buy wholeheartedly. The products highlight the traditions and culture of Turkey. You would be able to find rugs and carpets of different sizes and prices. Some carpets in the shops are expensive due to the history related to them. They are passed from generation to generation and hold a significant value in them. Tourists can also find carpets at a highly affordable price. Towels are also famous in Turkey. The cotton used in towels is of premium quality, they are lightweight, highly absorbent, and incredibly soft. These qualities make Turkish towels loved by tourists.