Who Did Turgut Alp Marry?


Turgut Alp was a warrior of the Ottoman Empire. He was a close ally and loyal supporter of the legendary warrior and leader Ertugrul. During the early Ottoman conquests in the reign of Osman I, Turgut Alp went on a mission to Angelacoma and he conquered the area that consisted of numerous villages. His specific territory was known as Turgut-ili, aka Land of Turgut. Turgut Alp went on to become a military commander of the Ottoman Empire after its establishment. 

Turgut Alp had only one son, Ilyas Bey, whom the Ilyas Bey Mosque in Konak Mahallesi is named after. A question you will find curious viewers asking on the Internet is how many times Turgut Alp marry with who. He had two wives, namely Aykiz Hatun and Aslihan Hatun. Let’s have a look at who they were, and their importance in Turgut Alp’s life.

A woman of substance, Aslihan Hatun belonged to the Cavdar tribe. She was the daughter of Candar Bey and the younger sister of Aliyar and Ural Bey. Initially, it seemed that Aslihan was interested in Ertugral, and she even helped him when needed. Although the idea of marrying Ertugral appealed to her, the two did not proceed because Ertugral rejected. He considered her marriage to Turgut Alp more appropriate and requested him to marry her, which she accepted. Turgut Alp became the Chief Alp of the Kayi tribe, and then the Bey of the Cavdar tribe through his marriage to Aslihan. She was also the love interest of Emir Sadettin Kopek, the Vizier of the Seljuk Empire. In season 4 of the drama, she bravely pursued the Emir with the intent to kill, and the strength of character she demonstrated left a deep impact on audiences. Unfortunately, her encounter with Sadettin ultimately led to her death. 

Aykiz Hatun, daughter of Deli Demir, was the first wife of Turgut Alp, and they married near the end of Season 1. She was a strong and ambitious warrior and the first woman to support Halime Hatun as soon as she joined the Kayi tribe. Aykiz Hatun participated in all the wars that followed and she tragically died after sustaining serious burns while fighting the Mongols at the start of Season 2. 

It is famously said that Aykiz was Turgul Alp’s childhood sweetheart and his first love, while Ashlihan Hatun was his last love. Both women were equally powerful, demonstrating their loyalty to their husband in every possible way. Aykiz was a talented archer while the fearless Ashlihan represented truth and justice. She stood up to the enemy with her sword and remained steadfast till the end.

Former Miss Turkey and actress played the role of Aykiz Hatun, and Gülsim Ali portrayed Aslihan Hatun. Interestingly, Turkish actor Cengiz Coşkun who played the role of Turgut Alp received many marriage proposals from Pakistani women after starring in the series. It is expected that he will next be seen in Kurulus: Osman. All three were commended for their respective roles, and are expected to contribute to more memorable performances in the future.